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Fran­cois Bar­nard, wri­tes:

I re­ad the let­ter by Ash Bo­tha and had to re­spond.

Bo­tha's main com­plaints are shop­ping, sa­la­ries, ac­com­mo­da­ti­on and then sub­stan­ce a­bu­se.

Be­fo­re ta­king his pen in hand Bo­tha should ha­ve con­si­de­red w­hat he is saying. The pri­ze was not for shop­ping cen­tres or hig­hest sa­la­ry, it was for to­wn of the y­e­ar. Did he e­ven bot­her to look at the cri­te­ria of the com­pe­ti­ti­on? The to­wn was cho­sen by pe­op­le vo­ting, not or­ga­ni­sers.

Com­pe­ti­ti­on a­si­de, com­pa­ring Mos­sel Bay to Ge­or­ge is sen­se­less as Ge­or­ge is a ci­ty, not a to­wn as de­fi­ned.

As Bo­tha ap­pears to ha­ve ti­me to sprout poi­son from his pen he may ta­ke the ti­me to con­si­der the dif­fe­ren­ce. He could al­so con­si­der the beau­ty of Mos­sel Bay, the u­ni­que cha­rac­ter and e­ver­y­thing el­se that no ot­her to­wn has. Sub­stan­ce a­bu­se is un­for­tu­na­te­ly not con­fi­ned to Mos­sel Bay, e­ven South A­fri­ca for that mat­ter. (A­not­her thing he mig­ht want to re­ad up on).

The to­wn is well run with a mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty that outs­hi­nes the rest of the coun­try. It is un­for­tu­na­te that the writ­ten word is a­vai­la­ble to one per­son, with per­so­nal is­su­es, to hurt ot­hers who ca­re for and are ac­tu­al­ly con­tri­bu­ting po­si­ti­ve­ly to the to­wn.

Mos­sel Bay is not a so-cal­led do­wn and out dor­pie, it is the op­po­si­te. We are proud of our to­wn and all its po­si­ti­ve at­tri­bu­tes. Mos­sel Bay is a lo­ve­ly se­a­si­de to­wn.

Li­fe de­pends so much on w­hat is in your own he­art be­cau­se that is w­hat you will see a­round you.

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