Athle­tes ma­ke na­me for Cur­ro at ma­ra­thon

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Athle­tes of Cur­ro Mos­sel Bay did very well du­ring the Pe­troSA ma­ra­thon with Linél En­gel­brecht, Roc­co Ca­litz and Vi­an Cu­pi­do par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the 5km fun run. Linél fi­nis­hed as the first gi­rl a­cross the fi­nish li­ne.

A­dri­aan Fou­rie did well in the 10km ra­ce. Dané Prins took part in the 3.5km ra­ce wal­king e­vent w­he­re she pro­ved that she is an athle­te to wa­tch in the se­a­son a­he­ad. La­ra van Rooy­en was im­pres­si­ve in the 21.1km ra­ce w­he­re she fi­nis­hed as 2nd ju­ni­or wo­men o­ver the fi­nish li­ne.

La­ra van Rooy­en from Cur­ro Mos­sel Bay fi­nis­hed as 2nd ju­ni­or wo­men a­cross the fi­nish li­ne in the 21.1km ra­ce of the Pe­troSA ma­ra­thon.

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