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Alt­hough T­hurs­day's field was a litt­le smal­ler than u­su­al, tho­se par­ti­ci­pa­ting cer­tain­ly did not lack in­tent, and one play­er in par­ti­cu­lar, Bet­sie Fou­rie, sho­wed w­hat she is ca­pa­ble of by re­cor­ding a me­dal sco­re that can on­ly be des­cri­bed as she­ar bril­li­an­ce!

E­very now and a­gain one ma­na­ges to pull out all the stops and put to­get­her a round w­he­re e­ver­y­thing sim­ply falls in­to pla­ce, and so­mehow it all seems to hap­pen with such e­a­se that one can­not un­der­stand why t­his is such a ra­ri­ty? Just don’t for a mo­ment think that you ha­ve now mas­te­red t­his ga­me af­ter one of the­se beau­ties, for the golf­ing gods will cut you do­wn to si­ze at the very next en­coun­ter for su­re, but t­he­re is no­thing wrong with en­joying the mo­ment and bas­king in the glo­ry and all the ac­co­la­des of­fe­red on the day.

Bet­sie Fou­rie won the cop­per di­vi­si­on with a splen­did 66 net, and with a me­re 26 putts for the day, I am not sur­pri­sed. Her clo­sest ri­val was Ro­sie Ger­ber with a 77 net.

The bron­ze di­vi­si­on was won by Jackie Brais­her with a re­spec­ta­ble 72 net, be­a­ting Sue W­rig­ht (78 net) com­for­ta­bly (no need to ha­ve pa­nic­ked a­bout that putt you mis­sed Jackie!)

The sil­ver di­vi­si­on was a litt­le tig­h­ter, but Da­wn Wes­sels (who re­cent­ly ce­le­bra­ted her 78th) sho­wed good form car­ding a 72 net, one bet­ter than Gail Bo­tha’s 73.

Sue W­rig­ht held on­to the ne­a­rest to the pin po­si­ti­on on the 8th.

Win­ners of T­hurs­day’s la­dies golf day, from left: Sue, Jackie, Da­wn, Ro­sie, Bet­sie, Gail and Mag­da.

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