Garth Tay­lor thrills Mos­sel Bay

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Garth Tay­lor and his band per­for­med to a de­lig­h­ted cro­wd inn Mos­sel Bay and sho­wed why he was hand­pic­ked by Sir Richard Bran­son son to per­form at Bran­son's son's wed­ding ding re­cep­ti­on.

Tay­lor is a per­for­mer par ex­cel­len­ce. en­ce. He is self taug­ht and plays a num­ber of in­stru­ments.

He is gen­ui­ne­ly fun­ny and be­si­des des sin­ging well and tackling all sorts of mu­sic ic of dif­fe­rent gen­res, he is a re­al­ly good dan­cer. er. Tay­lor is in per­fect shape and on­ly so­meo­ne e who is re­al­ly fit can sus­tain his le­vel of acti­vi­ty on sta­ge. In 2014, he won the South A­fri­can Kick­box­ing Cham­pi­ons­hip tit­le.

Mos­sel Bay is re­al­ly for­tu­na­te to o ha­ve the Bra­vo Loun­ge at the Gar­den Rou­te ute Ca­si­no, w­he­re Tay­lor per­for­med on 24 Sep­tem­ber. ep­tem­ber. It tru­ly is a top class ve­nue, suit­a­ble ble for a va­rie­ty of acts. It me­ans that Mos­sel s­sel Bay is not o­ver­look­ed. Tay­lor's tour al­so o in­clu­ded Ca­pe Town, Port E­li­za­beth, E­ast Lon­don and Kim­ber­ley.

He is most kno­wn for his 1998 hit hit, Wh Why, whi­chhi h top­ped the charts for se­ver­al weeks in South A­fri­ca.

Tay­lor sang this du­ring his Mos­sel Bay con­cert and al­so a num­ber of ot­her o­ri­gi­nal hits in­clu­ding one cal­led Stron­ger, de­di­ca­ted to South A­fri­can wo­men. He did a sur­vey du­ring Wo­men's Month in Au­gust, as­king wo­men w­hat ma­de them stron­ger, and he then wro­te the song.

Tay­lor did co­vers of the Bee Gees, Li­o­nel Ritchie, W­hit­ney Hou­ston, All 4 One, UB40 and Ken­ny Rogers son­gs, sho­wing his ver­sa­ti­li­ty.

He is a re­al ra­con­teur, highly en­ter­tai­ning, and in­tro­du­ces his son­gs in an in­te­res­ting, chat­ty man­ner.

He got the au­dien­ce to in­te­ract and sing al­ong with him and he al­so left the sta­ge to mingle a­mong the fans. It was tru­ly an up­be­at, feel­good con­cert by a per­for­mer who ga­ve his all.

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Garth Tay­lor and his band thril­led the au­dien­ce at the Bra­vo Loun­ge.

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