Rap­pers he­a­ding for the big ti­me

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Two hip hop ar­tis­ts from K­waNon­qa­ba ha­ve ma­de it to the se­mi-fi­nal round of a te­le­vi­si­on show, CAUTION! The Be­at.

The show was cre­a­ted for and by hip hop ar­tis­ts, pro­du­cers and en­ter­tai­ners to help young ar­tis­ts show off their ta­lent.

The two lo­cal rap­pers, Ro­bert S­mal­lz and Dol­lar, strut­ted their s­tuff at the au­di­ti­ons held e­ar­lier this month at The Bar­ny­ard T­he­a­t­re, C­res­ta in Jo­han­nes­burg and ma­de it in­to the top 10. The­se fi­na­lis­ts will ha­ve the op­por­tu­ni­ty to be part of a film shoot, en­tailing short in­ter­views from their ho­me towns, in which they talk a­bout their jour­ney. Their a­bi­li­ty to im­pro­vi­se as hip hop ar­tis­ts will al­so be put to the test as part of the jud­ging pro­cess. At the fi­nal, the­re will be a one-on-one batt­le for the grand pri­ze, a re­cord de­al for a full al­bum and a f­ree mu­sic vi­deo. "Both Dol­lar and I are very proud and still going strong in the com­pe­ti­ti­on.

"We ha­ve been fe­a­tu­red on So­we­to TV. The next round is in Jo­han­nes­burg a­gain, but the date is not yet set. In the se­mi-fi­nal, we will par­ti­ci­pa­te in an ex­ci­ting street batt­le rap.

"Pe­op­le can con­ti­nue vo­ting for us via the fa­ce­book pa­ge; we need the sup­port. T­hank you Mos­sel Bay. We stand a good chan­ce of win­ning this."

Dol­lar (second from left) and Ro­bert S­mal­lz (cen­t­re front, in stri­ped jac­ket) at the au­di­ti­ons of the hip hop te­le­vi­si­on show,

Ro­bert S­mal­lz and Dol­lar, two hip hop ar­tis­ts from Mos­sel Bay, may be hit­ting the big ti­me soon.

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