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The Mos­sel Bay branch of the SPCA is pre­sent­ly hos­ting a Mass A­ni­mal Ste­ri­li­sa­ti­on Pro­gram­me (MASP).

The De­part­ment of A­gri­cul­tu­re, in con­juncti­on with the SPCA, has pro­vi­ded fun­ding for 742 a­ni­mals from the les­ser pri­vi­le­ged com­mu­ni­ties to be ste­ri­li­sed. The MASP te­am, con­sis­ting of Tess, He­len, Wal­ly and A­thi, does a tre­men­dous a­mount of e­du­ca­ti­on with a­ni­mal o­w­ners, and e­ach a­ni­mal broug­ht in is de­wor­med, vac­ci­na­ted, tre­a­ted a­gainst ticks and fle­as, as well as being ste­ri­li­sed.

The a­ni­mals are hou­sed o­ver­nig­ht to en­su­re they are re­a­dy for t­he­a­t­re the fol­lo­wing day, and af­ter the ste­ri­li­sa­ti­on, are being sent ho­me with food and a ste­ri­li­sa­ti­on cer­ti­fi­ca­te.

A number of a­ni­mals ha­ve re­qui­red furt­her tre­at­ment. Of­ten they are broug­ht in al­re­a­dy sick or in­ju­red. The­se are re­fer­red to our on-si­te cli­nic for furt­her tre­at­ment, an SPCA spo­kes­per­son said.

Dr Demp­sey and Sis­ter Il­se en­su­re that the­se a­ni­mals are broug­ht back to good he­alth. So­me are kept for a few days to en­su­re cor­rect tre­at­ment is gi­ven.

Most ste­ri­li­sa­ti­ons are being do­ne on si­te, alt­hough a number of lo­cal pri­va­te vets are acti­ve­ly par­ti­ci­pa­ting: e­ach week a­ni­mals are being ta­ken to the fol­lo­wing vets: Da­na Bay Ve­te­ri­na­ry Hos­pi­tal, Mos­sel Bay A­ni­mal Hos­pi­tal, CROFT and Har­ten­bos A­ni­mal Hos­pi­tal. On­ce the ste­ri­li­sa­ti­ons are com­ple­ted, the­se a­ni­mals are then re­tur­ned ho­me with food and me­di­ca­ti­on w­he­re ne­ces­sa­ry.

"We feel that this is pro­ving to be a very success­ful pro­ject, and would li­ke to ex­press our ap­pre­ci­a­ti­on to the va­ri­ous ve­te­ri­na­ry practi­ces in­vol­ved as well as our spon­sors and sup­por­ters.

"Should a­nyo­ne wish to do­na­te to­wards this, we would be mo­re than ap­pre­ci­a­ti­ve as the­se funds will go to­wards pro­vi­ding help for ma­ny mo­re a­ni­mals who ot­her­wi­se would not re­cei­ve the ca­re and at­ten­ti­on they de­ser­ve," the spo­kes­per­son said. Con­tact the SPCA if you would li­ke to as­sist (044 693 0824).

Ma­ny help­ful hands are in­vol­ved in the ste­ri­li­sa­ti­on pro­gram­me.

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