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"S­port helps young pe­op­le to de­ve­lop phy­si­cal skills, ma­ke friends, im­pro­ve their self es­teem, and im­pro­ve com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and a­ca­de­mic a­bi­li­ty. So­me e­vi­den­ce sug­ge­sts that young­sters who par­ti­ci­pa­te in s­port are less li­ke­ly to drop out of s­chool."

This is a quo­te by an unkno­wn per­son, but it seems to ring true.

Mos­sel Bay Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with the Gar­den Rou­te Ca­si­no Com­mu­ni­ty Trust and ot­her sta­ke­hol­ders, will be pre­sen­ting the an­nu­al Be­ach S­port Pro­gram­me from 5 to 21 De­cem­ber at San­tos Be­ach from 10:30 to 17:00 dai­ly (ex­clu­ding wee­kends).

The main go­al is to en­coura­ge the youth to get in­vol­ved in s­port and re­frain from so­ci­al ills plag­uing our com­mu­ni­ties, as well as to pro­mo­te so­ci­al u­plift­ment through our youth and com­mu­ni­ties.


5 - 7 De­cem­ber - be­ach c­ric­ket

12 - 14 De­cem­ber - be­ach “tou­chies” 19 - 21 De­cem­ber - be­ach soccer The­re are va­ri­ous cash pri­zes to be won, spon­so­red by the Gar­den Rou­te Ca­si­no Com­mu­ni­ty Trust.

P­le­a­se no­te

First day of e­ach s­port co­de - ju­ni­or le­ar­ners (10 - 14 y­e­ars), gi­rls and boys

Second day of e­ach s­port co­de - se­ni­ors le­ar­ners (15 - 18 y­e­ars), gi­rls and boys

Thi­rd day of e­ach s­port co­de - young a­dults (18 - 35 y­e­ars), la­dies and men

On­ly te­ams of six to eig­ht play­ers may en­ter. Re­gis­tra­ti­on is f­ree. En­try forms are a­vai­la­ble from the In­door S­port Cen­t­re, mu­ni­ci­pal li­bra­ries, s­chools, the Mos­sel Bay T­hus­ong Cen­t­re and the Youth Café in Gre­at Brak Ri­ver.

All com­ple­ted forms must be han­ded in at the In­door S­port Cen­t­re be­fo­re or on 26 No­vem­ber.

S­chools, or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons, s­port clubs, go­vern­ment de­part­ments, s­port fe­de­ra­ti­ons, in­di­vi­du­als and bu­si­nes­ses who would li­ke to get in­vol­ved, are in­vi­ted to a sta­ke­hol­ders' meet­ing on 8 No­vem­ber at 12:00 at the In­door S­port Cen­t­re.

Con­tact the Youth Of­fi­ce (044 606 5224) or send an e­mail to y­va­na­swe­gen@ mos­sel­ for mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on.

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