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Da­ve Lie­ben­berg wri­tes:

As a per­ma­nent re­si­dent of the Bak­ke/ San­tos a­rea of Mos­sel Bay, I wish to ex­press my views on the a­bo­ve e­vent.

It is sta­ted that the next e­vent will ta­ke place on the wee­kend of 17 Ja­nu­a­ry 2019. My un­der­stan­ding of a wee­kend is a Sa­tur­day and a Sun­day – not four days as hap­pe­ned at the pre­vi­ous e­vent in March 2018.

I t­hank the Mos­sel Bay Ad­ver­ti­ser for acting as the fa­ci­li­ta­tor for the MosJazz Fe­s­ti­val/Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty pu­blic meet­ing. I am re­gret­ta­bly u­na­ble to at­tend the In­da­ba but I wish to re­quest that you put the fol­lo­wing views; que­s­ti­ons and re­que­sts to the or­ga­ni­sers (Ca­mis­sa So­lu­ti­ons) and Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty on my be­half.

Fir­st­ly, may I sta­te that I am op­po­sed to the MosJazz Fe­s­ti­val being held at the Bak­ke/ San­tos be­ach a­rea.

1. Noi­se Pol­lu­ti­on

Noi­se is an ex­tre­me­ly in­va­si­ve form of pol­lu­ti­on and o­ver an ex­ten­ded pe­ri­od can be dan­ge­rous. It is a se­ve­re sour­ce of ir­ri­ta­ti­on and frus­tra­ti­on to t­ho­se per­sons ex­po­sed to this un­wan­ted pol­lu­ti­on. The re­si­dents of Bak­ke/San­tos we­re ex­po­sed to high le­vels of con­ti­nu­ous noi­se for mo­re than 10 hours per day o­ver for days.

Que­s­ti­on 1: Will the sound le­vels be e­qual to t­ho­se of the pre­vi­ous e­vent?

Que­s­ti­on 2: Will the pro­gram du­ra­ti­on per day be the sa­me as for the pre­vi­ous e­vent?

Re­quest: Can the S­ta­ge with loudspea­kers be pla­ced such that the spea­kers point Northwards (to­wards Di­as Be­ach)?

Re­quest: Can the Sun­day per­for­man­ce be o­mit­ted?

2. The pu­blic par­king a­rea/ be­ach a­rea

The pu­blic par­king a­rea at Bak­ke and the be­ach a­rea was bar­ri­ca­ded by high fen­ces and the en­tran­ces we­re guar­ded by se­cu­ri­ty per­son­nel. Spe­ci­al par­king spa­ce was cre­a­ted for VIP’s and ad­di­ti­o­nal par­king was pro­vi­ded al­ong the rai­l­way li­ne. (TNPA pro­per­ty)

Que­s­ti­on 1: By w­hat aut­ho­ri­ty can a pu­blic a­rea be hi­jac­ked and ra­te-paying re­si­dents be pro­hi­bi­ted from u­sing the pu­blic be­ach?

Que­s­ti­on 2: I as­su­me that the fen­ces be­long to the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, but at w­ho­se ex­pen­se are the­se bar­ri­ca­des e­rected and re­mo­ved af­ter the show?

Que­s­ti­on 3: W­hat per­cen­ta­ge of the ga­te in­co­me is paid to the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty or do­na­ted to the Com­mu­ni­ty C­hest?

I am not op­po­sed to the fe­s­ti­val, but I do ob­ject to the ve­nue being the Bak­ke/San­tos a­rea w­he­re we are re­gu­lar­ly ex­po­sed to high-noi­se ge­ne­ra­ting e­vents. I be­lie­ve that the­re are mo­re suit­a­ble pla­ces and ve­nues in Mos­sel Bay for fes­ti­vals of this na­tu­re.

Ca­mis­sa So­lu­ti­ons re­plies:

The e­vent is for four nig­hts. It starts on the T­hurs­day at 17:00 and ends on the Sun­day at 22:00.

The e­vent is of­ten per­cei­ved as a mu­sic fe­s­ti­val for the lo­cal com­mu­ni­ty.

The MosJazz brand is po­si­ti­o­ned as a li­fe­sty­le fe­s­ti­val with mul­ti­ple sti­mu­li.

A com­pel­ling com­bi­na­ti­on of cam­ping, the sea and jazz are fin­ding re­so­nan­ce with a glo­bal jazz fol­lo­wing. MosJazz is de­sig­ned to at­tract tou­ris­ts to Mos­sel Bay, with a wor­ld-class pro­gram­ming and pro­ducti­on for­mu­la­ry. It bor­rows on the succes­ses of a si­mi­lar at Tie­tie's Bay on the Ca­pe West Co­ast.

The Tie­tie's Bay e­vent at­trac­ted 20 000 bed nig­hts in 4 y­e­ars. We an­ti­ci­pa­te to grow this number for MosJazz, within fi­ve y­e­ars, to ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly 30 000 bed nig­hts.

The South A­fri­can cul­tu­ral ob­ser­va­to­ry pro­jects an e­co­no­mic im­pact of R328, 992 000 for Mos­sel Bay if 37 000 bed nig­hts are a­chie­ved. We an­ti­ci­pa­te no mo­re than 20% of gue­sts e­ma­na­ting from the E­den Dis­trict, with the rest co­ming from all o­ver South A­fri­ca and the wor­ld.

Cla­ren­ce Ford, an exe­cu­ti­ve mem­ber of Ca­mis­sa So­lu­ti­ons is al­so the co-foun­ding di­rec­tor and share­hol­der of the Ca­pe To­wn In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Jazz Fe­s­ti­val. This fe­s­ti­val is now ra­ted as the fourth best Jazz fe­s­ti­val in the wor­ld. It is an­ti­ci­pa­ted that MosJazz on the ba­sis of lo­ca­ti­on, and a wor­ld-class pro­gram­ming and pro­ducti­on for­mu­la­ry will bring si­mi­lar ac­co­la­des to Mos­sel Bay

It is a glo­bal ten­den­cy for mu­sic fes­ti­vals to be lo­ca­ted in pu­blic spa­ces. The North Sea Jazz fe­s­ti­val in the Ci­ty of Rot­ter­dam hos­ts per­for­man­ces in high-den­si­ty re­si­den­ti­al a­re­as for the en­ti­re month of Ju­ly. In this in­stan­ce, the lo­cal mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, to­get­her with the lo­cal re­si­dents ap­pre­ci­a­te not on­ly the e­co­no­mic im­pact as a con­se­quen­ce of the e­vent, but al­so the op­por­tu­ni­ty to sho­w­ca­se the vi­ta­li­ty within lo­cal cre­a­ti­ve in­dus­tries, and the di­ver­si­ty of sounds from the hu­man fa­mi­ly. E­vents of the qua­li­ty that MosJazz re­pre­sents, are u­ni­ver­sal­ly em­bra­ced as sig­ni­fi­cant tou­rism dri­vers with a strong im­pact on the lo­cal cul­tu­ral in­du­stry.

The lo­ca­ti­on of the fe­s­ti­val was de­ter­mi­ned af­ter a tho­rough in­specti­on of a­vai­la­ble spa­ces in Mos­sel Bay. The fol­lo­wing con­si­de­ra­ti­ons con­tri­bu­ted to the de­ci­si­on a­bout lo­ca­ti­on;

1. The cam­ping a­rea al­ongs­i­de the sta­ging a­rea, e­na­bling e­a­sy in­te­racti­on with the fe­s­ti­val com­po­nent.

2. The to­po­grap­hy, which en­han­ces the qua­li­ty of sound.

3. The ac­com­mo­da­ti­on es­ta­blishments within wal­king dis­tan­ce of the ve­nue.

4. The si­ze of the De Bak­ke sta­ging a­rea.

5. The his­to­ry of si­mi­lar e­vents in the a­rea "Li­ve" per­for­man­ces are sche­du­led for no mo­re than six hours on the F­ri­day and Sa­tur­day. On T­hurs­day four hours of "Li­ve" mu­sic is sche­du­led and on Sun­day fi­ve hours of "li­ve" mu­sic is sche­du­led. Am­bient mu­sic is play­ed be­t­ween "li­ve" per­for­man­ces. In­ter­na­ti­o­nal per­for­mers bring in their own sound en­gi­neers and our ex­pe­rien­ce is that a de­vi­a­ti­on from our mo­da­li­ty, of­ten re­sults, with a no­ti­ce­a­ble chan­ge in s­tan­dard.

Per­for­man­ces end at Mid­nig­ht on T­hurs­day, F­ri­day and Sa­tur­day and at 22:00 on Sun­day. This is the sa­me for­mu­la­ry im­ple­men­ted in March of 2018.

Que­s­ti­on 1. Will the sound le­vels be e­qual to t­ho­se of the pre­vi­ous e­vent?

Le­ar­ning cur­ves ha­ve been es­ta­blis­hed, as is ex­pected af­ter the inau­gu­ral e­di­ti­on. On this ba­sis, pro­ducti­on in­ter­ven­ti­ons will bring a mo­re struc­tu­red am­pli­fi­ca­ti­on and we an­ti­ci­pa­te less re­la­ted com­plaints in fort­hco­ming y­e­ars.

Que­s­ti­on 2. Will the pro­gram du­ra­ti­on per day be the sa­me as for the pre­vi­ous e­vent?

The pro­gram du­ra­ti­on is the sa­me as in March 2018. The pro­gram has been ex­plai­ned pre­vi­ous­ly.

Re­quest Can the S­ta­ge with loudspea­kers be pla­ced such that the spea­kers point Northwards (ie to­wards Di­az Be­ach)?

The wind will ul­ti­ma­te­ly de­ter­mi­ne w­he­re the most "noi­se" ma­ni­fes­ts. In it­self, a s­ta­ge mo­ve will not bring re­lief.

Re­quest Can the Sun­day per­for­man­ce be o­mit­ted?

MosJazz at­ten­dees, vi­sit lo­cal chur­ches on the Sun­day mor­ning. The pro­gram on a Sun­day com­men­ces at Lunch and the "li­ve" per­for­man­ces sche­du­led for the day, end at 19h00. He­art FM (Ca­pe To­wn's big­ge­st radio s­ta­ti­on) will bro­ad­cast "Li­ve" from the be­ach from 18:00 till 22:00 with a dis­cer­na­ble re­ducti­on in am­pli­fi­ca­ti­on.

Ca­mis­sa So­lu­ti­ons has eig­ht an­nu­al e­vents. The ol­dest e­vent is in its 10th y­e­ar. In all of this ti­me, we ha­ve had no in­ci­dents at any of our e­vents. The pro­cess of a­cqui­ring the rig­hts for the use of pu­blic spa­ce is an ar­du­ous and bu­reau­cra­tic task. We pri­de our­sel­ves on de­li­ve­ring beyond ex­pec­ta­ti­on on re­la­ted mat­ters. A­part from di­sas­ter risk ma­na­ge­ment, in­te­racti­ons with ma­ny mu­ni­ci­pal de­part­ments are re­qui­red with our plans in­ter­ro­ga­ted and vet­ted by the re­le­vant and com­pe­tent of­fi­ci­als.

No mu­ni­ci­pal pro­per­ty can be hi-jac­ked. Such an act would be il­le­gal. Aut­ho­ri­ty must be obtai­ned from the lo­cal mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty. The mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty me­a­su­res the pro­po­sal from ma­ny per­specti­ves. Pu­blic Sa­fe­ty, En­vi­ron­men­tal Im­pact, He­alth, Li­a­bi­li­ty, job cre­a­ti­on, so­ci­al co­he­si­on, e­co­no­mic im­pact and a host of ot­her e­le­ments form the ba­sis of re­la­ted ap­pro­vals. We ha­ve con­sis­tent­ly, in all our en­de­a­vours, tic­ked e­very box!

The Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty of Mos­sel Bay does not spon­sor or sub­si­di­ze the e­vent in any way, shape or form. The Di­az Fe­s­ti­val re­cei­ves sig­ni­fi­cant cash and ot­her sup­port from the Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty. We ho­pe the Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty will a­gain as­sist us to ma­ke the e­vent as user­friend­ly and sa­fe for the gue­sts, ex­pected from all o­ver the wor­ld, in 2019.

As so­ci­al en­tre­pre­neurs, our en­ti­re mis­si­on is to cre­a­te jobs, cul­ti­va­te skills and con­tri­bu­te to so­ci­al co­he­si­on. Our com­mer­ci­al im­pe­ra­ti­ves we view as e­qual to our so­ci­al im­pe­ra­ti­ves. We ha­ve a stra­tegy that we will pre­sent to the meet­ing. Our part­ners in the a­bo­ve ef­fort are in fact The Com­mu­ni­ty C­hest and The Ca­pe Pen­in­su­la U­ni­ver­si­ty of Techno­lo­gy.

This part­ners­hip has de­li­ver­ed fruit, a­mongst the youth and poor­est of the poor in Pa­ter­nos­ter, Clan­wil­li­am, Paarl and in 2019, Mos­sel Bay. This is an im­por­tant que­s­ti­on that must be as­ked of all e­vent pro­du­cers in the Mos­sel Bay a­rea.

We re­quest the wri­ter to un­der­stand the va­lue that e­vents po­ten­ti­al­ly pre­sent to Mos­sel Bay. E­va­lu­a­te this va­lue ca­re­ful­ly.

If it does not cre­a­te jobs, de­ve­lop skills or con­tri­bu­te to so­ci­al co­he­si­on, then the nuis­an­ce fac­tor is al­so not ne­ces­sa­ry.

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