Al­z­hei­mer’s SA says t­hank you for golf day

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The Al­z­hei­mer's SA Sout­hern Ca­pe re­gi­on, wri­tes:

A hu­ge t­hank you goes to the sup­por­ters and spon­sors who hel­ped to ma­ke the an­nu­al Al­z­hei­mer's SA golf day at Dolphin's C­reek Golf Club in Gre­at Brak a re­soun­ding success:

Ba­ruch’s, Buf­fels­drift Ga­me Lod­ge, De Dek­ke Spar, Do or Dye hair sa­lon in Mos­sel Bay, Dolphin’s C­reek Golf Club, Fa­nie’s P­har­ma­cy in Mos­sel Bay, Frango’s Chic­ken Ta­ke­a­way in Gre­at Brak, Gas­tao’s, H&N Bee­kee­pers, Me­ga Fruit & Veg in Voor­baai, Oa­sis Wa­ter in Voor­baai, Pick n Pay in Gre­at Brak, Pro­fes­sor Roy Mar­cus, Ro­mans Piz­za in Ge­or­ge, Tol­lies But­chery, Wil­der­ness Ho­tel.

E­ver­yo­ne was ex­tre­me­ly ge­ne­rous in sup­port of the fun­drai­ser which was held on Sa­tur­day, 20 Oc­to­ber. Spe­ci­al thanks go to S­hir­ley, E­lei­na and An­na of Dolphin's C­reek Golf Club and e­very gol­fer who took part.

The­re was such good s­pi­rit and we are blo­wn a­way by your ge­n­ero­si­ty.

Tas­ty piz­zas we­re a wel­co­me ad­di­ti­on to the day. Gol­fers boug­ht them to eat at the club for lunch and se­ver­al boug­ht them to ta­ke a­way. They we­re all sold and the pro­ceeds went to Al­z­hei­mer’s SA.

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