Ev­ery stokvel needs good cater­ing equip­ment

Celebrity chef, Lu­cia Mthiyane, shares tips with Nomkhosi Miya about choos­ing the right equip­ment for your stokvel

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YOU might be good cooks but if you are still serv­ing food the old-fash­ioned way, this may pre­vent your stokvel group from shin­ing amongst your peers. Us­ing the right cater­ing equip­ment can help your team dis­play its mouth­wa­ter­ing dishes beau­ti­fully.

Celebrity chef, Lu­cia Mthiyane, says your dish is as im­por­tant as your cater­ing equip­ment. She ex­plains that cater­ing equip­ment in­cludes the uten­sils you use to cook, the fridges you store your food in, and the plates you serve your food on when you have an event such as a fu­neral, wed­ding or tomb­stone. Lu­cia shares her tips on choos­ing the right cater­ing equip­ment to serve food dur­ing your events.


Lu­cia says your cater­ing equip­ment must al­ways be up to stan­dard to en­sure that you pro­vide your guest with the best pos­si­ble ex­pe­ri­ence. There­fore, buy qual­ity equip­ment that will also last you for a long time.

“It’s im­por­tant to have good cook­ing equip­ment. If you cook food on a stove that has prob­lems with tem­per­a­ture con­trol, then you are bound to serve peo­ple burnt food. Stokvels should save up enough money to buy a gas stove with an elec­tronic oven and their cook­ing ex­pe­ri­ence will never be the same again,” she ad­vises.

Lu­cia also adds that pre­sen­ta­tion is ev­ery­thing when it comes to serv­ing the food you’ve pre­pared for your guests. “No mat­ter how de­li­cious your food is, peo­ple will not be pleased if the food is served on old, rusty crock­ery. No one will be com­ing back for more,” she says.

“Buy­ing good-qual­ity equip­ment will also help you if you later de­cide to hire it out to other peo­ple and make ex­tra in­come for your stokvel.”

➋ Find a good sup­plier

Take your time to find a good sup­plier. When you buy equip­ment, al­ways make sure that it’s from a trust­wor­thy re­tailer. If you buy from any other sup­plier, you might end up buy­ing lowqual­ity goods that may give you prob­lems over time.

Lu­cia says, “Re­ly­ing on wordof-mouth is good, but get­ting feed­back from pre­vi­ous cus­tomers is even bet­ter. You need to buy from a com­pany that can be trusted to de­liver the equip­ment it prom­ises on time, and in good work­ing or­der. Make sure you can get in touch with the com­pany should you need any as­sis­tant with the equip­ment you bought.”

➌ Look for va­ri­ety

Lu­cia says the best place to buy cater­ing equip­ment is from sup­plier who stocks a va­ri­ety of prod­ucts. This means that you will have a lot of choice. Brands that are not nec­es­sary new can be trusted when it comes to the qual­ity of the cook­ing equip­ment.


■ Gas stove and elec­tric oven. ■ Pots and pans. ■ Plates, cups and glasses. ■ Cut­ting boards and cut­lery. ■ Slow cooker. ■ Pres­sure cooker.


“In or­der to com­ply with health and safety reg­u­la­tions, you need to keep cer­tain uten­sils like knives and chop­ping boards clean and in top con­di­tion. When they start show­ing signs of be­ing worn out, then you must im­me­di­ately re­place them. Buy new ones and avoid your stokvel fail­ing a health and safety in­spec­tion,” says Lu­cia.

She adds that it’s im­por­tant to clean your equip­ment with warm wa­ter and soap after use and store it in a dry place where there is no mois­ture.

If you haven’t used your pots or pans for a while, fill them with wa­ter and add 2 ta­ble­spoons of bak­ing soda for easy scrub­bing.

“If you are us­ing elec­tronic ap­pli­ances, please re­fer to the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions or web­site to find out how to keep them clean with­out dam­ag­ing them,” ad­vises Lu­cia.

Lu­cia Mthiyane (RIGHT) says hav­ing good equip­ment not only makes cook­ing much eas­ier, but it makes your food look ap­peal­ing too

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