The joys of se­cret pals

A gift ex­change can add ex­cite­ment to any oc­ca­sion, writes Si­nent­lahla Vulindlu

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RE­CEIV­ING gifts is the best thing to hap­pen to any­one, es­pe­cially on a very spe­cial day like a birth­day. Get­ting gifts from anony­mous peo­ple is not only sur­pris­ing, but it can be ex­cit­ing too. Anony­mous gift ex­changes are pop­u­lar, es­pe­cially in stokvels.

Play­ing the de­tec­tive and find­ing out what the next per­son likes can help stokvel mem­bers to get to know each other a lit­tle bit bet­ter.


You can act as se­cret pals in your stokvel and give each other gifts anony­mously, es­pe­cially on birthdays.

Guess­ing who a gift is from and watch­ing the re­ac­tion on an­other per­son’s face when they open it can be fun.

Stokvel mem­ber, Nol­uba­balo Ntan­tiso, says she and her col­leagues also love the idea of se­cret pals.

“In our group, ev­ery per­son writes a wish list for their birth­day so that when we buy gifts we know what they would like to have and get it for them. But the per­son won't know who bought the gift,” Nol­uba­balo shares.

She adds that they do the same for Christ­mas with a bud­get of R200 for each per­son.

Choos­ing a se­cret pal can be dif­fer­ent from peo­ple to peo­ple. But the most com­mon way that peo­ple use to choose their se­cret pal is to put their names in a hat and draw them from there.


When it comes to choos­ing the right gift for some­one, there's al­ways con­fu­sion, which is why it's im­por­tant for se­cret pals to pay more at­ten­tion to the needs or wishes of the per­son they are buy­ing a present for.

The key to choos­ing the per­fect gift for your stokvel club mem­ber is to lis­ten care­fully to what their main wants and needs are.

As hard as it is to buy a gift for some­one, it's very im­por­tant to buy them some­thing that they will love and cher­ish. Peo­ple get con­fused when they have to buy gifts for other peo­ple. The key is to buy gifts that are mean­ing­ful.


A good gift shows that you care enough about some­one to re­ally con­sider what they might like as a present eaither for their birth­day or as a Christ­mas gift.

Zelda Hartzen­berg from Sheet Street in East Lon­don says most peo­ple buy bed­room items as gifts. These are items like bed cov­ers, sheets and pil­lows.

She adds that peo­ple can also get other items such as side lamps, photo frames and or­na­ments that will go with the mem­ber's fur­ni­ture.


A per­fect gift doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Even if you have a tight bud­get in your stokvel, you can still get each other thought­ful presents.

If you have a bud­get of R500, here are some gifts that you can also buy: ■ Per­fumes ■ Tow­els ■ Vases ■ Cut­lery Or you can buy elec­tri­cal ap­pli­ances such as: ■ Egg boiler ■ Toaster ■ Cof­fee-mak­ing ma­chine ■ Slow cooker ■ Blender

Buy them some­thing they will love and cher­ish


With a R500 bud­get for a gift, the se­cret pal can buy some­thing that is on the stokvel mem­ber's wish­list. Get them some­thing they re­ally love and that they have al­ways wanted. It will mean a lot to them.

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