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FROM the time I was born, I was called a stokvel baby. This is be­cause my late mother’s stokvel, Lesed­ing Women’s Club, was formed on her bed­side after she had just given birth to me. Even though it was a joy­ous oc­ca­sion, she and her friends de­cided to form this stokvel to help each other in times of bereavement.

Back then, fu­neral poli­cies were not as pop­u­lar as they are to­day. So in or­der for a per­son to have a dig­ni­fied fu­neral, they needed to be­long to a stokvel. They made monthly con­tri­bu­tions to the stokvel and saved the money in case some­one passed away.

Driven by the spirit of ubuntu, they also de­cided that should a mem­ber of their stokvel or rel­a­tive pass away, they would help with prepa­ra­tions lead­ing up to the fu­neral. They would cook and help tidy up after­wards.

When my mother passed away five years ago, her stokvel mem­bers were so emo­tional be­cause their so­ci­ety was as old as I was and had made sure that many got dig­ni­fied fu­ner­als through their unity.

So sen­ti­men­tal was this to us, as a fam­ily, that my sis­ter took over on be­half of my mother be­cause she saw the role that the stokvel played dur­ing the time of our bereavement.

Be­sides be­ing there for mem­bers in times of need, the stokvel en­gaged in fun ac­tiv­i­ties to strengthen their bond. They al­ways made an oc­ca­sion of their year-end party and went on hol­i­day to­gether. Stokvels en­hance so­cial en­gage­ments and help build com­mu­ni­ties. No one un­der­stands this bet­ter than us here at Move! and that is why the birth of Move! Stokvel Mag­a­zine is im­por­tant to us.

Times have changed and stokvels no longer op­er­ate the way they did in my mother’s time. Peo­ple are smarter and tech­nol­ogy has im­proved, but prob­lems will al­ways be there.

In this edi­tion, we an­swer all the ques­tions you have about stokvels – from start­ing a stokvel to grow­ing your money and han­dling con­flict. We have cov­ered all the things that can make or break your stokvel.

If you cur­rently be­long to a stokvel or think of join­ing one, then this book will come in handy.

Stokvels are not only im­por­tant to us but to the fi­nan­cial well-be­ing of the coun­try as they con­trib­ute about R45-bil­lion to the econ­omy.

Now seat back, re­lax and page on. You’ll em­power not only your­self but your stokvel. A wealth of in­for­ma­tion lies in these pages and you know what? It’s for keeps and you can ap­ply the knowl­edge you get in your stokvel. Knowl­edge is power, so em­power your­self with this book filled with prac­ti­cal ad­vice.

My wish is that you come back and tell me how this book has changed your life or stokvel. Email me at: This is a life-chang­ing is­sue. Take care!

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