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Serves 4


■ 6 Beef or 12 lamb kid­neys, Cleaned And Cut into Chunks ■ 60ml (4 ta­ble­spoons) But­ter ■ 22,5ml (1 ½ ta­ble­spoon) flour ■ 500ml (2 Cups) Beef stock ■ 30ml (2 ta­ble­spoons) vine­gar or lemon juice ■ Salt to taste ■ Spekko Long Grain Par­boiled Rice to serve


Wash and soak the kid­neys in cold wa­ter. Cut out the fatty mid­dle of each kid­ney and cut into bite­sized chunks. Heat the but­ter in a large pan. Add the kid­neys and stir-fry for about five min­utes. Add the flour to the pan and mix through. Add the stock and stir un­til the sauce has thick­ened. Add the vine­gar or lemon juice and ad­just the sea­son­ing with salt. Serve with warm Spekko Long Grain Par­boiled Rice.

Move! stokvel tip This recipe Can BE made in Bulk. BEEF or lamb kid­neys are all De­li­cious. Be­ware of over­cook­ing as the kid­neys will get tough. Kid­neys are rea­son­ably priced and Can BE served as part of a Break­fast Buf­fet. This recipe is Easy and Can BE made with just a FEW read­ily avail­able pantry items.

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