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❶ You want a braai and your stokvel mem­bers pre­fer pizza. You:

A. Eat pizza and don’t tell them you hate it. B. Ar­gue over it. The loud­est per­son wins! C. Do their thing to­day and yours in an­other meet­ing. D. End up apol­o­gis­ing for even sug­gest­ing a braai.

❷ You or­gan­ise an out­ing for your mem­bers, they:

A. Sit qui­etly but you know they are bored. B. Mock your choice after­wards, but in a fun way. C. In­sist you know what they love do­ing. D. Talk loudly on their phones all the way through it.

❸ You ad­mire a funky uni­form. They:

A. Won’t say a word for or against it. B. Say they al­ways loved bright colours. C. Laugh but sup­port you when you are around. D. Refuse to be seen when wear­ing that uni­form.

❹ You’re con­stantly go­ing over­bud­get on ev­ery­thing you or­gan­ise. They:

A. Don’t say much but you feel guilty. B. Yell and then for­give you. C. Help you fig­ure out what’s go­ing wrong. D. Call you names and hu­mil­i­ate you.

❺ You have a fight with an­other mem­ber. They:

A. Stay out of it. B. Are sure it will blow over. C. Try to me­di­ate. D. Tell you to cut off com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

❻ You make a sug­ges­tion dur­ing a meet­ing. They:

A. Lis­ten but don’t say much. B. Are on your side – and loudly! C. Give you some ex­cel­lent ad­vice. D. Blame it all on your stu­pid­ity.

❼ When your leader is in a bad mood, you:

A. Pre­tend ev­ery­thing is fine. B. En­cour­age them to let it all hang out. C. Ask how you can help them feel bet­ter. D. Keep out of their way.

❽ After the fight with a mem­ber is over, you:

A. Pre­tend you haven’t fought. B. Kiss and make up. C. Are re­lieved you’re friends again. D. Worry about the next fight.

❾ Your fights are:

A. Rare. You pre­fer not to squab­ble. B. Loud, short and quickly for­given. C. Rare but when they hap­pen, watch out! D. Con­stant and nasty.

❿ When you fight you:

A. Never cry – un­til the stokvel mem­bers have gone out. B. Show your emo­tions with­out re­straint. C. Are care­ful not to say hurt­ful things. D. Feel small, mis­er­able and stupid.

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