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Mostly As Con­flict Avoiders

You very sel­dom ar­gue about any­thing. Al­though this may sound good, swal­low­ing your re­sent­ment leads to in­creased stress. Not ful­fill­ing your per­sonal needs will di­min­ish your chances for hap­pi­ness.

Don’t smother your true feel­ings; learn to open up to other stokvel mem­bers.

Mostly Bs Quick To Fight, Fast To For­give

As you also tend to make up quickly, your re­la­tion­ship can ri­val the best soapies. If you en­joy a bit of a row, and your over­all re­la­tion­ship is happy, then you have noth­ing to worry about.

How­ever, if one of you can’t stand the strain, then maybe you’d be bet­ter off join­ing an­other stokvel.

Mostly Cs Oc­ca­sional World War III

Most of the time you get along great. You tend to talk things over rather than ar­gue. But ev­ery now and again some­thing comes up that you feel pas­sion­ate about. Be­fore you know it, tem­pers rise and you are at each other’s throats.

Mostly Ds Armed War­fare

You and your stokvel mem­bers ar­gue a lot and un­for­tu­nately it’s not a healthy ex­change of views that be­comes a lit­tle too heated or a blaz­ing row that you’re both en­joy­ing. When you ar­gue, you hurt each other with words.

In fact, doc­tors point out that be­ing stuck in a hos­tile re­la­tion­ship can make you phys­i­cally ill. Ef­fects in­clude high blood pres­sure, high blood sugar, and a higher risk of heart dis­ease.

Fight­ing is a nor­mal part of even the hap­pi­est re­la­tion­ships, how­ever, some fights can turn vi­o­lent. It need not come to blows ei­ther; emo­tional abuse can de­stroy your self-con­fi­dence and leave you feel­ing worth­less.

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