Wo­man wakes up from coma AF­TER SEVEN YEARS

Doc­tors are amazed by pa­tient’s re­sponse to treat­ment


AWOMAN who went into a coma fol­low­ing a trau­matic labour seven years ago has star­tled doc­tors by wak­ing up. Dani­jela Ko­vace­vic gave birth to a baby girl in 2009 and went into a coma af­ter con­tract­ing blood poi­son­ing.


The 25-year-old, from Ind­jija in the province of Vo­jvo­d­ina in the north­ern part of Ser­bia, gave birth to her daugh­ter Mar­ija, in the hospi­tal in the city of Novi Sad. But she con­tracted sep­sis and be­cause of the in­flam­ma­tion, fell into a coma and since then had re­mained in a vegetative state but with her eyes open.

It is re­ported that she is the long­est sur­vivor of be­ing in that type of coma in the coun­try but doc­tors have been left as­tounded as she has awo­ken and has started to slowly re­spond to treat­ment.

Doc­tors say she can now hold a tablet and pen in her hand, as well as sit up and fol­low con­ver­sa­tions.

Her dad, Djordje Ko­vace­vic, says, “These are mi­nor re­cov­er­ies but Dani­jela is much bet­ter than be­fore. She has put on weight and is more aware of her sur­round­ings. She re­acts, smiles and also gets an­gry.”


Dani­jela is do­ing phys­i­cal and spe­cial­ist speech ther­a­pies that stim­u­late the func­tion of brain cells at a re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion cen­tre in Ger­many.

The fam­ily needs a fur­ther €50 000 (about R700 000) for her treat­ment to con­tinue.

Her dad says, “A recovery of three months is re­ally short. A man who breaks an arm needs more than three months of recovery. Imag­ine how much time my daugh­ter needs. “This is be­cause it is like teach­ing a child to do cer­tain things. She had very hard train­ing. She walked 800m and that is a big achieve­ment.”

Friends and fam­ily have started a col­lec­tion for Dani­jela’s treat­ment but her fa­ther fears it will not be enough.

“They or­gan­ised a com­pe­ti­tion in taek­wondo and all the money they gath­ered was for Dani­jela’s recovery but we need €50 000 (about R700 000) more for her treat­ment,” says Djordje.

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