How to get dam­aged hair back to health

Move! - - HAIR - By Alexis Tshangana

OUR hair is sub­jected to a lot of el­e­ments that dam­age it on a daily ba­sis. Whether your hair is re­laxed or you are spot­ting a nat­u­ral do, it is im­por­tant that you pre­vent dam­age to your hair and re­pair it once it has been dam­aged so that it can con­tinue to grow.


Re­lax­ers, bleaches and perms weaken hair strands, caus­ing them to fall off when comb­ing. They pen­e­trate the hair cu­ti­cle, strip­ping it of its nat­u­ral oils and some­times the nat­u­ral colour.

Con­stant heat from flat irons, curlers and blow dry­ers can burn your hair strands, caus­ing them to feel dry and look dull.

Heat: Weav­ing and ex­ten­tions:

These tend to pull the hair and the scalp. They can also dam­age your hair from the roots, leav­ing it brit­tle and very sen­si­tive.

Wash­ing your hair is good for growth, but when it's over done, it will leave your hair weak. Sham­poos tend to re­move the nat­u­ral mois­ture, leav­ing your hair un­pro­tected.

Over brush­ing causes fric­tion and your split ends to break. The right brush with the right bris­tles plays an im­por­tant role. Harsh hair brushes cause your hair to tan­gle.

Smok­ing de­creases oxy­gen flow in your body, dam­ag­ing your hair among other things. Drink­ing wa­ter is es­sen­tial for hy­drated hair.

Ex­ces­sive wash­ing: Brush­ing: Diet and smok­ing: HOW TO RE­VERSE THE DAM­AGE Wash­ing:

Wash your hair once a week if it is too oily. Use an oil-free sham­poo to avoid adding more oil. If you have dry hair, do the op­po­site.

Ap­ply a leave-in con­di­tioner to re­pair the oils in your hair. Do not use leave-in sham­poos if you have dry and brit­tle hair. Wash off the sham­poo or con­di­tioner five min­utes af­ter ap­ply­ing.

How­ever, do not wash your hair with hot wa­ter. This will strip your hair of its nat­u­ral oils even fur­ther. Rather use luke warm wa­ter. Try to stick to one brand when it comes to the sham­poo and con­di­tioner. Al­ways add mois­ture to your hair af­ter wash­ing it. Do this by ap­ply­ing a hair mois­turiser or serum.

Use a ce­ramic or ti­ta­nium straight­ner. These pro­tect the hair from ex­ces­sive heat when straight­en­ing it.

For hairdry­ers, buy one with a con­cen­tra­tor noz­zle and dif­fuser. Such dry­ers spread warm air evenly with­out burn­ing your hair and scalp

Brush in soft mo­tion and use a brush which is kind to your hair. Avoid brushes with enamel or wooden bris­tles if your hair is dam­aged. Brush your hair only when it’s nec­es­sary.

Drink at least eight glasses of wa­ter a day as wa­ter is good for your skin and hair. Avoid smok­ing and sec­ondary smoke.

Use hair prod­ucts which are spe­cially de­signed to re­pair hair in­stead of or­di­nary hair prod­ucts. Choose the prod­ucts ac­cord­ing to your hair type. If you are un­cer­tain of which prod­ucts to use and don’t un­der­stand the use of cer­tain prod­ucts, seek the help of a rep­utable hair­styl­ist.

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