Doc­tor used own SPERM ON PA­TIENTS

Head of a fer­til­ity clinic il­le­gally fa­thers at least 19 chil­dren


ADNA test has proven that the head of a fer­til­ity clinic il­le­gally used his sperm to fa­ther at least 19 chil­dren with un­sus­pect­ing women seek­ing treat­ment. Lo­cal me­dia in the Nether­lands re­ported that con­tro­ver­sial sperm doc­tor, Dr Jan Kar­baat, who op­er­ated the fer­til­ity clinic, Bli­j­dorp Med­i­cal Cen­tre, in the town of Baren­drecht, near Rot­ter­dam, used his own sperm in 19 cases in­stead of the cho­sen sperm donors.


The chil­dren, who for years sus­pected that Dr Jan was ac­tu­ally their real fa­ther, re­cently re­ceived the news af­ter tests by Fiom DNA Data­bank that they were a pos­i­tive match.

Dr Jan re­cently died at the age of 89, but for years de­nied that he used his own sperm at the clinic, which he op­er­ated since the 80s.

In his last in­ter­view, he called the ac­cu­sa­tions “madness”, say­ing he “acted in good con­science”.

“If mis­takes were made, it did not hap­pen with bad in­ten­tions,” said Dr Jan.


The sperm doc­tor al­ways de­clined to co­op­er­ate and do a DNA test. How­ever, one of his chil­dren gave a DNA sam­ple to the data­bank.

Fiom di­rec­tor, Ellen Giep­mans, says, “But Dr Jan's DNA could only be used for re­search af­ter he passed away.”

The amount of matches could in­crease if more par­ents who un­der­went treat­ment at Dr Jan’s clinic and their chil­dren came for­ward for a test.

Lo­cal me­dia sus­pect that the amount of chil­dren fa­thered by Dr Jan could be as high as 60.


For years, there have been strong sus­pi­cions that Dr Jan had used his own sperm in­stead of anony­mous sperm donors.

Joey Hoofd­man’s par­ents vis­ited the fer­til­ity clinic for IVF treat­ment us­ing the sperm of Joey’s fa­ther, who has dark, curly hair and is even of­ten ad­dressed in Turk­ish on the streets as passersby mis­take him to be a Turk­ish mi­grant by his dark looks.

Yet 30-year-old Joey, who is blonde, was shocked when he saw a pic­ture of Jan Kar­baat in his younger years and could see a very close re­sem­blance be­tween him­self and the sperm doc­tor. The de­tailed re­sults of his DNA test, as well as other in­di­vid­u­als, have not been made pub­lic yet.

ABOVE: One of Dr Jan Kar­baat's sons, who bears a re­sem­blance to him (LEFT and INSET)

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