‘I de­serve the life SHE IS LIV­ING’

Move! read­ers ad­vise a woman who is jeal­ous of her best friend and wants her good life

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QI’M TEMPTED TO HAVE AN AF­FAIR WITH HER MAN MY best friend is such a lucky per­son. Over the years, she has got­ten mar­ried to a rich taxi boss and they have beau­ti­ful chil­dren. She didn’t go to school but her life is good. I envy her life so much that I’m even get­ting tempted to start an af­fair with her man. He is gen­er­ous and knows how to treat a woman well. When we were young, my friend was pro­mis­cu­ous and ev­ery­one knew about her loose be­hav­iour. While I was a church girl and now she gets to have a good man. I de­serve that man too. EN­VI­OUS FRIEND


That’s a nor­mal feel­ing. Most peo­ple feel that way when their peers seem to pros­per in life. One thing you have to know is that we are blessed dif­fer­ently. Maybe your turn is still com­ing. Be­ware that all that glit­ters is not al­ways gold.


For some­one who knows God, you should un­der­stand that you must have faith, and also know you are not cursed but your de­liv­ery is on the way. What are you want to do is very wrong.


Never set­tle for less be­cause God blesses peo­ple dif­fer­ently. Don’t wish for some­thing that was not meant to be yours be­cause you’ll end up do­ing some­thing you’ll re­gret later. Start do­ing your own things and live your life. It’s best that you cut ties with your friend.


That’s be­ing silly my dear. You must be happy and sat­is­fied with what you have. You should be con­tent with your life. Don’t go af­ter her man be­cause it’s not worth it. Don’t sell your­self short.

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