Men should pro­tect THEIR FAM­I­LIES

The strength of men is in pro­tect­ing their fam­i­lies and not harm­ing them

Move! - - YOUR FAITH - By Pas­tor Tinyiko Royal Ndobe

THE hurt­ful things that men do are a shame to both hu­man­ity and God and we are curs­ing our­selves and those close to us. It is time men started do­ing what is right be­fore their cre­ator. There is no ex­cuse for vi­o­lat­ing God's laws by rap­ing women. Christ loved us so much that He gave His life so that we may live peace­fully. Let us learn to do the same, giv­ing our lives for the ben­e­fit of oth­ers, es­pe­cially our women and chil­dren.


In the Bi­ble, 2 Sa­muel 13:14 says, “But Am­non wouldn’t lis­ten to her and since he was stronger than she was, he raped her (Ta­mar).”

Among oth­ers things, men are meant to labour and pro­vide for their fam­i­lies and build a bet­ter fu­ture for them. Ref­er­ence of this can be found in the Bi­ble, where 80 per­cent of those who made an im­pact are men such as Noah, Moses and Joshua.

How­ever, Am­non raped Ta­mar out of ar­ro­gance, pride, phys­i­cal strength, self­ish­ness, fool­ish­ness and hav­ing al­lowed him­self to be used by the devil to sin against his sis­ter and God.


Men should al­ways yield to the voice of God. We are His care­tak­ers on earth and He en­trusted us with His cre­ation, so we should not be de­ceived by the devil and his cun­ning ways.

Acts like rape don’t go un­pun­ished be­fore God (Ro­mans 6:23), but God's gift to us is eter­nal life in Christ Je­sus our Lord.

To­day, chil­dren and women are no longer safe be­cause of peo­ple who have al­lowed the devil to de­ceive them. Men must stop th­ese evil acts. The devil is a liar, but there is help in the Lord.


If you have vi­o­lated an­other per­son, you have vi­o­lated God. Pray to God and ask for for­give­ness (James 5:16).

Con­fide in a pas­tor and let them pray for your deliverance from the wicked spirit. Ask for for­give­ness from your vic­tims, but re­mem­ber that they may not for­give you.

Do away with bad habits such as drink­ing and do­ing drugs and re­mem­ber that your body is the tem­ple of the Almighty, keep it clean at all times (1 Corinthains 6:19).

Pas­tor Tinyiko Royal Ndobe is the founder of Royal House Christ Min­istry based at Simunye Zanokhanyo School in We­stonaria, Joburg. He can be con­tacted at 073 617 2536

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