Fight­ing TEMP­TA­TION

A Move! reader lost his job af­ter he was caught steal­ing money at work

Move! - - READERS' CORNER - By Te­bogo Mathe­bula*

IAM 23 years old and passed ma­tric in 2014. Af­ter ma­tric, I stud­ied In­for­ma­tion Com­put­ing Tech­nol­ogy (ICT) at Cen­tral Johannesburg Col­lege, which I com­pleted in record time.


Af­ter com­plet­ing my stud­ies, I searched for learn­er­ships, in­tern­ships or jobs in the ICT sec­tor with no luck. In Jan­uary this year, I started look­ing for any job be­cause I was tired of sit­ting at home do­ing noth­ing and it didn’t take long be­fore I found a job in re­tail.

I started work­ing in a store in one of the malls in Johannesburg, where I worked as a mer­chan­diser for the first two months. I then trained as a cashier and started work­ing at the till by the end of April.

I en­joyed work­ing at the till and found it easer than be­ing a mer­chan­diser.

But the bad thing about work­ing at the till is that you han­dle a lot of money while earn­ing peanuts. We cashed up ev­ery day af­ter the shift and this is where my temp­ta­tion started. I was tempted to steal some money, think­ing that no one would no­tice be­cause we cashed up a lot of money.


The temp­ta­tion got worse, but I fought it be­cause I was taught that steal­ing is wrong.

But one day while cash­ing up, a R100 note fell on the floor and I didn’t see it, only to see it the fol­low­ing day when I was about to start my shift.

I was ex­pect­ing the man­ager to ask me about the miss­ing money, but he didn’t. I then told my­self that no one would no­tice if some money went miss­ing and started tak­ing money from the till reg­u­larly af­ter that.


One day the man­ager was busy do­ing the fi­nan­cial re­port when he no­ticed that money is miss­ing.

When he told us about the miss­ing money, one of the staff mem­bers ad­vised him to check the store’s CCTV cam­eras to see who stole the money.

The man­ager found out it was me who stole the money and asked me to choose be­tween leav­ing the store or call­ing the po­lice. I didn’t want to be ar­rested so I left the store. I hope this is a les­son to oth­ers as I’m now job­less and liv­ing a life of re­gret. * Not his real name

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