‘I was stranded in park sta­tion for days’

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LEG­ENDARY Afro-pop singer, Ringo Madlin­gozi, never had it easy on his jour­ney to star­dom. He was once home­less when he was still try­ing to break into the mu­sic in­dus­try, but his fam­ily did not know this. He says this went on un­til he met a woman he moved in with.


Ringo is known for his ser­e­nad­ing voice and as the king of African love songs. He also re­veals how he met the queen of his heart.

“After hav­ing four chil­dren out of wed­lock, I thought to my­self, ‘it’s a tough world out there and I have to have some­body with me now’,” he says.

“I met this lady; we were in high school to­gether, but I didn’t know her at that time. I al­ways knew there was that girl who was al­ways ahead of me in bi­ol­ogy and maths. I didn’t like it. I never wanted any­one to be ahead of me.”

If you think Ringo sang melodies for his lady when he pro­posed, you are set for dis­ap­point­ment.

“I asked her and said, ‘hey! are you see­ing some­one, she said no and I said let’s get mar­ried’; and we were mar­ried,” shares Ringo.


Ringo, who is a fa­ther of seven chil­dren, says he is teach­ing his chil­dren about the im­por­tance of treat­ing other peo­ple the way they want to be treated.

“I al­ways tell my chil­dren it’s not like when you have a woman, she is yours or you own her. They must be with some­one who adds value to them so that they also add value to them,” he says.

Ringo adds that he is proud of his chil­dren be­cause he is un­aware of any bad be­hav­iour on their part.

“I don’t know what kind of peo­ple they will end up be­ing but as far as I can see, they are good guys. Peo­ple don’t com­plain about them. I be­lieve they are on the right track,” he says.


Break­ing into the in­dus­try was not a walk in the park for Ringo as he faced many strug­gles. Jo­han­nes­burg Park Sta­tion was once his home.

“I didn’t have a place to stay so I slept at Park Sta­tion for about five days with­out any­body know­ing. I never told any­one at home that I ac­tu­ally didn’t have a place to stay,” says Ringo.

He ex­plains that dur­ing the day he would walk around Park Sta­tion.

“When it was around 9pm, I would go to a club in Bree Street in Joburg to dance un­til 2am or 3am and then go to my cousin’s house as if I was com­ing back from some place. I’d then sit on the couch and dose off,” says the Son­dela singer.


He man­aged to keep be­ing home­less a se­cret for at least a few days un­til his cousin got sus­pi­cious of his be­hav­iour.

“I never told any­one that I didn’t have a place to stay un­til my cousin said to me that I al­ways go to his house to bath and then leave. He then asked me where I was stay­ing. I just said, ‘Uh some­where, you know’,” re­veals Ringo.

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