Are you ready TO MEET HIS PAR­ENTS?

Find out in this quiz if it is time to get in­tro­duced to his fam­ily

Move! - - QUIZ - By Theresa Mur­phy

1 What gift would you take for your boyfriend’s par­ents on your first meet­ing? A Choco­lates. B Flow­ers. C You would ask your man’s ad­vice.

2 Your boyfriend's father starts to tell a child­ish joke, one that you first heard when you were eight years old. What would you do? A Beat him to the punch line. B Smile po­litely. C Laugh as if it’s the fun­ni­est thing you have ever heard.

3 Sit­ting down for a home­made meal, you discover that his mother is a ter­ri­ble cook. How would you han­dle the sit­u­a­tion? A Tell her you are a veg­e­tar­ian, al­ler­gic or on a diet. B Do your best to eat the meal. C Try to smug­gle it off the plate and into your pock­ets.

4 Your boyfriend’s father holds op­pos­ing views to you on a mat­ter close to your heart. If the con­ver­sa­tion got round to the topic would you? A Put your side of the ar­gu­ment, even if it meant a heated row. B Lis­ten to his ar­gu­ment and then po­litely put your side. C Keep the peace by agree­ing with him.

5 There is an awk­ward lull in the con­ver­sa­tion. How would you try to fill it? A By ask­ing what movies they had seen re­cently. B By mak­ing a com­ment about cur­rent events. C You would say noth­ing and wait for some­one else to speak.

6 Your boyfriend’s mother keeps men­tion­ing his ex-girl­friend. How would you feel about this?

A Hurt be­cause she is ob­vi­ously men­tally comparing you to his ex-girl­friend.

B Upset that she keeps talk­ing about a woman who is no longer in her son’s life.

C In­dif­fer­ent, it’s how your guy feels about you that mat­ters, not his mother.

7 How would you dress to im­press your boyfriend’s fam­ily? A In jeans and a ca­sual top. B In your re­li­able lit­tle black dress. C Smart, as if you were going for a job in­ter­view.

8 On your first meet­ing with your boyfriend’s par­ents, how would you ad­dress them when talk­ing to them? A Mom and dad. B Mr and mrs. C By their first names.

9 How im­por­tant is it to you that your boyfriend’s par­ents like you and ac­cept you into their fam­ily? A You des­per­ately want their ap­proval. B It’s not that im­por­tant but it would make fam­ily get-to­geth­ers much more pleas­ant. C Not at all, you’re dat­ing him not his fam­ily.

10 On your first meet­ing with your boyfriend’s par­ents how would you greet them? A With a hand­shake. B With a smile. C With a con­ti­nen­tal style kiss on each cheek.

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