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Keep your skin look­ing smooth and ra­di­ant with Deme­lan® prod­ucts



Many women strug­gle with acne and un­even skin tone daily. When you feel like you have tried ev­ery­thing, but your skin prob­lems can’t be solved, you be­come un­happy with your­self ev­ery time you look in the mir­ror. You may be­come less so­cial be­cause you feel less beau­ti­ful. Good skin is a key com­po­nent to over­all beauty and good health.

Si­nazo Xengxe (28) has prob­lem­atic skin. Bac­te­ria and clogged pores re­sulted in pim­ples and blem­ishes that are hard to re­move. She has spent a large sum of money in an at­tempt to re­solve the prob­lem with no luck, but there is hope for Si­nazo.


Deme­lan® Acne Range: This range helps to fight pim­ples by tar­get­ing the un­der-ly­ing causes of acne, giv­ing you clear ra­di­ant-look­ing skin. The Deme­lan® Multi Ac­tion Pim­ple Cream has com­pa­ra­ble ef­fec­tive­ness to scripted topical med­i­ca­tions with the ad­di­tional ben­e­fits of manag­ing, unclogging, as well as re­duc­ing red­ness and in­flam­ma­tion.

The Deme­lan® Fa­cial Cleans­ing Lo­tion is to be used with Deme­lan® Multi Ac­tion Pim­ple Cream. They work to­gether through their key ac­tive in­gre­di­ents Niaci­namide and Sal­i­cylic Acid to un­clog pores, dis­lodge black­heads, white­heads and pim­ples, and im­prove your skin tex­ture by re­mov­ing dead skin cells.

Deme­lan® Even Skin Tone Cream: Re­duces the over pro­duc­tion of melanin in the af­fected ar­eas, giv­ing you ra­di­ant and beau­ti­ful skin. Deme­lan® Even Skin Tone Cream is also rec­om­mended by der­ma­tol­o­gists to man­age your un­even skin tone and re­news skin cells.

The use of Deme­lan® Acne Range and Deme­lan® Even Skin Tone Cream to­gether is not rec­om­mended.


Deme­lan® Even Skin Tone Cream and the Deme­lan® Acne Range can be used along­side the Deme­lan® Face Sun­screen Lo­tion SPF 50, which is for­mu­lated with in­gre­di­ents that are highly ef­fec­tive at fil­ter­ing, ab­sorb­ing and scat­ter­ing a broad spec­trum of UV rays.

Deme­lan® Face Sun­screen Lo­tion is wa­ter re­sis­tant and has no vis­i­ble residue, mak­ing use with make-up eas­ier.

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