It's good to learn the ways of the world, but it's not wise to sub­mit to its de­mands

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THERE’S a story of three blind men who once vis­ited the zoo and they all wanted to see the ele­phant. The ele­phant was brought to them and be­ing blind, they could only touch it in or­der to ex­pe­ri­ence what an ele­phant is. One touched the trunk, the other touched the ear and an­other touched the body. The one by the trunk said, “An ele­phant is a huge heavy pipe,” the one by the ear said, “An ele­phant is a big blan­ket,” and the one by the body said, “An ele­phant is a huge rock.” The truth is they only had a lim­ited ex­pe­ri­ence and not a com­plete view of the ele­phant.


In the Bible, 1 John 5:4-5 says, “For ev­ery­one born of God over­comes the world. This is the vic­tory that has over­come the world, even our faith. Who is it that over­comes the world? Only the one who be­lieves that Je­sus is the Son of God.”

Isa­iah 35:8 says, “A high­way will be there yes, there and peo­ple will call it ‘The Holy Way’. As for un­clean peo­ple, they will not jour­ney on it, but it will be for whomever is trav­el­ing on that Way— not even fools will get lost.”

I dare you to be­lieve in your po­si­tion in God. Who­ever is born of God should not doubt His na­ture, which is planted in you, at your re­birth.


Con­fess and say I am born of God, I am a new crea­ture and the old me has passed away. This de­clares that your call­ing is for higher liv­ing.

It is good to learn the ways of the world, how­ever, it’s not wise to sub­mit to its de­mands.

Re­mem­ber, we are king­dom am­bas­sadors. Above all else, our as­sign­ment is clear, we are here to colonise ev­ery na­tion and turn it to a king­dom of God, one per­son, one city and one na­tion at a time.


Vic­tory over the world will only come through be­liev­ers who will not suc­cumb to any laws of the world.

Be will­ing to put God's word into prac­tise. Noth­ing and no one will ever un­der­stand the depth of wis­dom vested in you by God.

So hav­ing learned or read any world in­for­ma­tion, choose to still be­lieve the word. In­tro­duce the world to greater wis­dom.

Pas­tor Sipho Ma­gag­ula is the pas­tor of Pow­er­house Bible Church based in Nel­spruit, Mpumalanga. He is also a mem­ber of Global Apos­tolic Net­work.

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