Do you act YOUR AGE?

Find out in this fun quiz if you act ma­ture or child­ish

Move! - - QUIZ - By Theresa Mur­phy

1 You treat your eight-year-old nephew to an an­i­mated movie on his birth­day. What would you be do­ing while he en­joyed the movie?

A. Watch the movie and be­come ab­sorbed by it.

B. Get bored and fall asleep in the first min­utes of the movie.

C. Pre­tend to en­joy your­self for his sake.

2 What would you hope your best friend buys you for your birth­day? A. A re­mote con­trol car. B. An MP3 player. C. A de­signer sweater.

3 Which ring tone are you most likely to have on your cell phone? A. The theme song from Takalani Se­same. B. The de­fault tone that came with the cell phone. C. Your favourite song. 4 When you re­turn from leave, you discover that your col­league has been keep­ing her per­sonal be­long­ings on your desk. What would you do? A. Dump all her stuff on her desk. B. Ask your boss to tell her to clear her stuff from your desk.

C. Po­litely ask her to clear her stuff from your workspace. 5 When your friend sets you up on a blind date, what would be the first ques­tion you ask her about the mys­tery guy? A. Whether she thinks he will like you. B. Whether he has a sense of hu­mour. C. What he looks like.

6 Which one of these best de­scribe the state of your bed­room?

A. Un­made bed, clothes on the floor, dis­carded food wrap­pers from when you were eat­ing in bed and un­washed dishes lit­ter­ing the room. B. Rea­son­ably tidy, al­though the lack of proper stor­age lets the room down. C. Spot­lessly neat with a minimalist and sim­ple yet stylish dec­o­ra­tion. 7 How would you pre­fer to spend time with your friends? A. Paint balling or go-kart­ing. B. Go­ing shop­ping. C. Catch­ing up over a good meal. 8 Would you al­ready have a gift in mind when buy­ing one for your friend's 10-year-old son? A. Yes, you would get him some­thing sim­i­lar to what you en­joyed at his age. B. No, you would spend ages walk­ing around the store, try­ing toys and gen­er­ally hav­ing a good time. C. No, you would need the ad­vice of a shop as­sis­tant. 9 How good are you at telling jokes? A. You are use­less, you never seem to be able to re­mem­ber any. B. You are bril­liant, you know a lot of jokes and every­one laughs when you tell them. C. You are okay, as long as they are not too long as you tend to lose track of the joke. 10 Walk­ing past a toy store, you see a doll sim­i­lar to one you had as a child. What would you do?

A. Walk past the store with­out tak­ing an­other look.

B. Walk into the store, take a quick glance at the doll and then put it back. C. Buy it and en­joy play­ing with it once more.

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