Teenager can ro­tate his shoul­ders at 360 de­grees and neck at 180 de­grees

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A19-year-old In­dian teenager has stunned lo­cals with his ex­tremely flex­i­ble body. From western In­dia, Yash Shah's body al­lows him to ro­tate his shoul­ders at 360 de­grees and neck at 180 de­grees. His flex­i­ble body has earned him the nick­name Rub­ber boy.


Yash can ro­tate his torso at 180 de­grees, hands and legs at 360 de­grees and can also squeeze his body through a ten­nis racket. The soft­ware en­gi­neer­ing stu­dent says, “I have an ex­tremely flex­i­ble body.” He says he is ca­pa­ble of ro­tat­ing his head by 180 de­grees and look back­wards. He can ro­tate both his hands and legs at 360 de­grees and can move his shoul­ders at any an­gle.

“I can ro­tate my torso at 180 de­grees. I can also bend my fin­gers back­wards up to 180 de­grees,” he says.


Born to Vra­jesh Ram­lal Shah (45) and Kamini Vra­jesh Shah (41), Yash was in­spired to prac­tice his ex­treme body-bend­ing skills by watch­ing fa­mous Amer­i­can con­tor­tion­ist Daniel Brown­ing Smith.

“Daniel Brown­ing Smith is my in­spi­ra­tion. I started prac­tic­ing contortion skills af­ter watch­ing his videos on YouTube,” says Yash.

“I started fol­low­ing him the mo­ment I saw his acts.” Yash, who is an only child, prac­tises daily for at least three hours. He says he never had help from a coach, but learned ev­ery­thing on his own.

“I never had any coach to help me prac­tise. I learnt ev­ery­thing on my own while watch­ing videos from YouTube,” he says. “My fam­ily is very sup­port­ive. They en­cour­age me and never asked me to stop do­ing these acts. My grand­fa­ther used to watch me practising for hours like a coach and make sure I learn all the acts prop­erly.”


His flex­i­bil­ity and body bend­ing abil­i­ties have stunned peo­ple in his home town.

His mother Kamini, who is a teacher, says her son’s flex­i­bil­ity is God’s gift. “I am proud that my son is dif­fer­ent. I feel proud that un­like oth­ers, he can turn his body in any di­rec­tion,” says Kamini.

The unique bendy tech­niques have never caused any harm to Yash.

“I have never had any in­jury while per­form­ing these acts. I know how to con­trol my body and pro­tect my­self from any in­jury,” he says. The teenager has al­ready won a few awards, but he now has his eyes on the Guin­ness Book of Records. “I want to be­come fa­mous world­wide and make my coun­try proud,” says Yash. “It is my dream to get my name reg­is­tered in the Guin­ness Book of Records. I’m practising very hard for this to hap­pen.”

Yash Shah has a flex­i­ble body and can bend and ro­tate it in any di­rec­tion with­out any pain

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