Modern types of WALL ART

Re­vamp your home and get the wall you’ve been dream­ing of

Move! - - DECOR - By Palesa Mat­je­bele

YOU can never go wrong with a sand stone tex­tured wall, it is safe and easy to main­tain. It also al­lows you to play around with dif­fer­ent paints ev­ery now and then, but it is over­done. Why not step out of the or­di­nary and go for an out-of-the­o­r­di­nary wall de­sign?


There are so many ways to get your old home look­ing new again, a new vi­brant paint colour can do the trick, plus it doesn’t cost much. But if you are tired of your sand tex­tured in­te­rior, paint won’t be enough. You might have to con­sider re­mod­elling your en­tire wall. When choos­ing an in­te­rior de­sign for your wall, choose some­thing that will go well with your fur­ni­ture.

In­te­rior wall ideas: Wall pa­per – It adds warmth, depth and style to any room. And it gives your home a flaw­less fin­ish, plus there are so many colours and de­signs to choose from.

Wood pan­elling – It not only en­hances your home, but it also has a lot of ad­van­tages. It’s durable, easy to in­stall and it acts as a nat­u­ral in­su­la­tor. It will keep your home warm in win­ter and cool in sum­mer.

Coral stone ren­der­ing – The nat­u­ral coral look is ob­tained us­ing two tex­tured acrylic fin­ishes.

This type of wall is wa­ter re­sis­tant and doesn’t need much of main­te­nance. Stonewall cladding – This type of wall gives your home an in­stant facelift. De­pend­ing on where you want the fo­cal point to be, you can use it as an in­te­rior or ex­te­rior fa­cade. Cladding adds value to your home and it doesn’t re­quire any main­te­nance. Peb­ble wall – This type of de­sign is suit­able for ex­te­rior walls and you can use dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als to give your house that coarse look. If you can’t af­ford peb­bles, you can use shells or small gravel.


Re­mod­elling a wall is a risk not ev­ery­one is will­ing to take and it’s un­der­stand­able. Peo­ple of­ten re­gret tak­ing the big step few years down the line. For those who love play­ing it safe, but want to give their wall a facelift, ac­ces­sories is a good way to go about it. By just hanging a clock, your wall au­to­mat­i­cally trans­forms.

Few ac­ces­sories you can ex­plore with:

Wall art – To make your house feel more homely, you can add art pieces or pic­tures of fam­ily mem­bers to make it even more per­sonal.

Wall de­cal – Also known as wall stick­ers or tat­toos, wall de­cals can be used as dec­o­ra­tive pieces. The art pieces can last for years, but may be dif­fi­cult to re­move. Sa­cred col­lec­tion – Your home says a lot about you. If you are a fash­ion lover, you can def­i­nitely use one of your beloved col­lec­tions as your dec­o­ra­tive art pieces, whether it’s shoes, hats or scarfs.

Mo­du­lar shelves – Th­ese dé­cor art pieces not only dec­o­rate your home, they can be used as stor­age shelves. Wall-mount can­dle-hold­ers – Us­ing iron long wall­mounted can­dle-hold­ers as dec­o­ra­tive art pieces is fash­ion­able and it adds an in­stant el­e­gant look to your home. There are a lot of looks and de­signs you can choose from, and with th­ese dé­cor art pieces, you can keep can­dles out of reach of chil­dren.

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