Mar­jorie’s big­gest chal­lenge

Scan­dal! ac­tress opens up about her life on and off screen

Move! - - CONTENTS - By Bonolo Sekudu

SHE is bet­ter known as Gloria on’s soapie, Scan­dal!, but in real life she is Mar­jorie Langa (39), mother to sev­enyear-old, Chibuike Adu­mike. In real life, she hap­pens to be a toned­down ver­sion of the over-the-top and dra­matic char­ac­ter view­ers have fallen in love with over the past six years. In an ex­clu­sive in­ter­view with Move!, she opens up about her love for her craft and life, be­ing a sin­gle mother, the chal­lenges of dat­ing and mov­ing on af­ter try­ing to nur­ture a re­la­tion­ship with her ab­sent fa­ther.


Mar­jorie is rais­ing her son, Chibuike, alone af­ter get­ting di­vorced from her Nige­rian ex-hus­band six years ago. “He is the rea­son I wake up in the morn­ing. I am not just rais­ing him for my­self, but I am rais­ing him for the world,” says Mar­jorie, who adds that, out of all the val­ues that she teaches her child, re­spect is non-ne­go­tiable for her.

“There is noth­ing more pleas­ant than a re­spect­ful child. He knows that please and thank you are im­por­tant ex­pres­sions,” she says, adding that she wants her son to be the per­fect gen­tle­man.

Although Mar­jorie is not with her child’s fa­ther any­more, she holds no grudges about them go­ing their sep­a­rate ways. In fact, over the years, she has been dat­ing but she ad­mits that for her this is a big chal­lenge.

“It is just tricky. I don’t want a fan. I want a man, not some­one who is go­ing to call me to put me on loud speaker, so his friends can hear that it’s Gloria from Scan­dal!,” she says with a smile. With­out get­ting into a lot of de­tails about her love life, she how­ever, con­firms that there is some­one cur­rently mak­ing her smile and she is eas­ing into it.


One of the things Mar­jorie isn’t will­ing to com­pro­mise on, is her son grow­ing up with­out hav­ing a re­la­tion­ship with his fa­ther in his life like she did.

“I know how it feels to know your fa­ther and not have a close re­la­tion­ship with him,” she says.

Be­ing the strong woman that she is, she tries to hold back her tears when she speaks about her fa­ther who aban­doned her, but this proves chal­leng­ing.

With tears in her eyes, she says, “I tried all I could, and he still was not will­ing to build a re­la­tion­ship with me – her daugh­ter.”

As painful as this was, she de­cided to move on


with her life and not carry the bur­den of not hav­ing a fa­ther who isn’t in­ter­ested in her. She ac­tu­ally has a fa­ther-fig­ure (step-fa­ther) who sup­ported her and took care of her very well. “I have for­given him, not for him but for me. For my peace, I have for­given him,” she says.


Who­ever said ‘what is meant for you, will be’ was spot-on and this re­flects in Mar­jorie’s life. She stud­ied Bio-Med­i­cal Tech­nol­ogy and ended up work­ing as a mi­cro-bi­ol­o­gist where she worked in a lab for five years. Her bub­bly per­son­al­ity was too vi­brant for the lab­o­ra­tory.

“In there, I needed to fo­cus and hon­estly I love talk­ing. I just found it to be bor­ing. When my col­leagues in the lab sug­gested that I go and act, I laughed it off be­cause I could not imag­ine how or where I would even start,” she says.

As fate had it, her then neigh­bour also sug­gested that she goes for act­ing and she de­cided to try it out and she has never looked back.

“I re­ally am grate­ful for this tal­ent God has given me. I didn’t have to go to school for it, but I do it so well,” she says.

Her char­ac­ter, Gloria, was not meant to last as long as she has, but six years on, view­ers are madly in love with her. “Gloria was a small role. When I started play­ing her, I hon­estly didn’t be­lieve that there could pos­si­bly be some­one like Gloria who is so loud, a crook, and just sim­ply over the top,” she says.

When the cast goes on road shows, Gloria needs two ex­tra body­guards be­cause it can get re­ally crazy in the crowd. Her son Chibuike doesn’t like it at all.

“This other time, we went to Lim­popo and a crowd was sur­round­ing her. I thought some­thing bad was go­ing to hap­pen to her and it made me sad and that’s why I don’t like it,” Chibuike says.

Some­times it gets so hec­tic that she re­alises that she didn’t pre­pare her­self for the im­pli­ca­tions of be­ing fa­mous.

“I was just not psy­cho­log­i­cally ready for the re­sponse. It can get re­ally over­whelm­ing that I don’t go to cer­tain places be­cause I can never get any­thing done with­out fans show­ing me love,” she says.


Mar­jorie loves be­ing Gloria. It is still ex­cit­ing for her to be on TV ev­ery day. How­ever, when she is not Gloria, she is a busi­ness­woman who dab­bles in se­ri­ous spa­ces. “I love busi­ness and more suc­cess is go­ing to come and in due time, you will hear about the work that I con­tinue to do,” she says.

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