Move! reader says all she wanted to be was a jour­nal­ist or in­ter­preter but life had other plans for her

Move! - - CONTENTS - By Se­jana Molepo*

ICOME from a fam­ily of six and as a child, I was very dif­fer­ent from my sib­lings. I al­ways stood up for my­self and my fam­ily. One day, I con­fronted our neigh­bour and told her to stop killing my rel­a­tives. Peo­ple in my fam­ily were dy­ing. I could not un­der­stand why and I sus­pected the old woman of prac­tis­ing witchcraft. I don’t know where I found such brav­ery, but I later got a beat­ing from my fam­ily for do­ing that be­cause I didn't have any proof. I was forced to go and ask for for­give­ness.


I was in­tel­li­gent at school but also a trou­bled child. My mom was the per­son I fought with the most. I passed ma­tric with fly­ing colours and ap­plied to study sign lan­guage and in­ter­pre­ta­tion at var­sity. I some­how missed an in­ter­view and my space was given to some­one else.

I was dis­ap­pointed but I didn’t want to waste time, so I en­rolled to study at a pri­vate col­lege in­stead. I was so sick dur­ing the first se­mes­ter of col­lege that I was even ad­mit­ted to hos­pi­tal. When I came out of hos­pi­tal af­ter a cou­ple of weeks, I lost in­ter­est in school be­cause I had missed so many classes. That’s when I started be­ing wild and par­ty­ing hard. I even changed my phone num­ber and stopped go­ing home.


In all the mad­ness, I broke up with my boyfriend. I felt like some­thing had died in me be­cause I loved him so much. In De­cem­ber 2014, I de­cided to go back home be­cause I was so sick that I had even started hear­ing voices. I was slowly los­ing my mind. In 2015, I lost my voice for a week and I couldn’t talk. I was 23 and so many strange things were hap­pen­ing to me.

One day, I passed out and woke up in my Go­bela’s home where ini­ti­ates are trained. It was hard for me to ac­cept when I was told that I had a call­ing to bea san­goma. I have now ac­cepted that I have to walk this path. I am just grate­ful that even though I’m not do­ing what I ini­tially wanted to do – to be a jour­nal­ist or in­ter­preter – I am at peace now. * Not her real name

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