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Sa­muel Khoza, a psy­choso­cial ex­pert from a Pre­to­ria so­cial work prac­tice called NH Train­ers, says, “You are such a car­ing woman. It is clear you were never con­nected to your boyfriend through ma­te­rial things. It’s a pity your boyfriend took ad­van­tage of your car­ing and thought­ful na­ture. But how do you still keep the lovers un­der the same roof? And what type of love do you have with both that makes you strug­gle to choose the one you want to let go? If you were hurt by your friend’s be­trayal, I would sug­gest that you let go of her first be­cause she never did what gen­uine friends are sup­posed to do. Your boyfriend must be dealt with as a cheat­ing man. This means you need to talk about what the two of you want in a re­la­tion­ship. If he is be­ing hon­est about what makes him cheat and you are will­ing to for­give, then do it. If his views about the fu­ture of the cur­rent re­la­tion­ship are not clear to you, let him go.”

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