No­thing do­ne to ca­tch street ra­cers

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W­he­re are the law en­for­ce­ment of­fi­cers in Oudts­hoorn? It seems to ha­ve tur­ned in­to a ra­ce track and “lets see who can rev their car e­nough to blow it up” town. Not on­ly on wee­kends but e­very nig­ht the main street in Oudts­hoorn is tur­ned in­to a drag strip for cars and bi­kes, the noi­se is ter­ri­ble and this is so dan­ge­rous. Has a­ny­bo­dy thoug­ht w­hat would hap­pen if one of the dri­vers of the­se bi­kes or hot­ted up ra­ce cars lo­se con­t­rol and smash in­to a re­stau­rant or fast food ta­ke­a­way?

The re­si­den­ti­al a­re­as are pac­ked with the­se pe­op­le who think it is o­kay, at any ti­me of the day or nig­ht, to work on the­se cars that are sup­po­sed­ly being hot­ted up for the ra­ce­track. W­hen we saw the traf­fic de­part­ment was going to ma­ke it­self mo­re vi­si­ble we we­re thril­led, the­re has been ab­so­lu­te­ly no chan­ge. Su­re­ly I am not the on­ly one that has no­ti­ced the in­cre­a­se in this practi­ce!

Con­cer­ned re­si­dent

The let­ter was re­cei­ved last week and sent to the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty for com­ment. No re­acti­on has yet been re­cei­ved. E­di­tor

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