Claas­sen e­lected as WC C­ric­ket Coun­cil chai­r­per­son

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The pre­si­dent of South We­stern Dis­tricts C­ric­ket, Ru­dy Claas­sen, was e­lected as the first chair­man of the ne­w­ly foun­ded We­stern Ca­pe C­ric­ket Coun­cil (WCCC).

The meet­ing took pla­ce in Paarl on 15 Ju­ly. The new bo­dy was foun­ded as part of the ge­o­po­li­ti­cal a­lig­n­ment pro­cess as pres­cri­bed in the Na­ti­o­nal Sport and Re­cre­a­ti­on.

The mem­bers are the We­stern Pro­vin­ce C­ric­ket As­so­ci­a­ti­on, C­ric­ket Bo­land and South We­stern Dis­tricts C­ric­ket. The six dis­trict mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties in the We­stern Ca­pe na­me­ly the Ca­pe Me­tro­po­le (We­stern Pro­vin­ce), O­ver­berg, West Co­ast, Ca­pe Wi­ne­lands (Bo­land), E­den and Cen­tral Ka­roo (SWD) will ha­ve re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on via the struc­tu­res of the pro­vin­ci­al c­ric­ket fe­de­ra­ti­ons. The WCC will, ho­we­ver, o­pe­ra­te se­pa­ra­te­ly from We­stern Ca­pe C­ric­ket (Pty) Ltd who is re­spon­si­ble ma­na­ge and ad­mi­nis­ter pro­fes­si­o­nal c­ric­ket as the Ca­pe Co­bras with We­stern Pro­vin­ce, Bo­land and SWD as the share­hol­ders.

The pri­ma­ry ob­jecti­ves of the We­stern Ca­pe C­ric­ket Coun­cil will be to ser­ve on the Mem­bers’ Coun­cil of C­ric­ket South A­fri­ca and to coope­ra­te with and im­ple­ment di­recti­ves from CSA in all mat­ters re­la­ting to the ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on of c­ric­ket in the We­stern Ca­pe Geo-po­li­ti­cal Pro­vin­ce. In terms of pro­por­ti­o­nal re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on, the pre­si­dents of We­stern Pro­vin­ce, Bo­land and SWD will ha­ve a se­at at the Mem­bers’ Coun­cil. The bo­dy will pro­mo­te, ad­van­ce, ad­mi­nis­ter, coor­di­na­te and ge­ne­ral­ly en­coura­ge the ga­me of c­ric­ket in the a­rea of ju­ris­dicti­on of the We­stern Ca­pe C­ric­ket Coun­cil.

It will furt­her i­den­ti­fy schools that fall within the ge­o­po­li­ti­cal de­mar­ca­ti­on in We­stern Ca­pe and in the Mu­ni­ci­pal Dis­tricts of the pro­vin­ce. It will furt­her stri­ve to acti­ve­ly stri­ve to­wards a si­tu­a­ti­on w­he­re re­sour­ces for the playing of c­ric­ket are acces­si­ble to all per­sons de­si­rous of playing c­ric­ket on an e­qual ba­sis and to en­s­u­re that all the struc­tu­res, which con­t­rol ad­mi­nis­ter or pro­mo­te c­ric­ket in the ju­ris­dicti­on of the We­stern Ca­pe C­ric­ket Coun­cil shall be u­ni­fied and non-ra­ci­al.

An­ge­lo Ca­ro­lis­sen, the pre­si­dent of C­ric­ket Bo­land was e­lected as vi­ce-pre­si­dent and the chief exe­cu­ti­ve of­fi­cer of SWD C­ric­ket, Al­ber­tus Ken­ne­dy, will be the ge­ne­ral se­cre­ta­ry.

Po­si­ti­ons on the Exe­cu­ti­ve Com­mit­tee will ro­ta­te on an an­nu­al ba­sis.

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Ru­dy Claas­sen.

Al­ber­tus Ken­ne­dy

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