Dug­mo­re’s na­me in the hat

Oudtshoorn Courant - - NEWS - My­ron Ra­bi­no­witz

The na­me of ANC MPL Ca­me­ron Dug­mo­re is co­ming to the fo­re as a se­ri­ous con­ten­der for the po­si­ti­on of ANC chai­r­per­son in the We­stern Ca­pe. The po­si­ti­on was pre­vi­ous­ly held by dis­gra­ced for­mer ANC We­stern Ca­pe chair­man, Ma­ri­us Frans­man, who was kic­ked out of the ANC fol­lo­wing sexu­al ha­ras­sment char­ges le­vel­led a­gainst him.

ANC mem­bers in Ge­or­ge we­re tig­ht-lip­ped on w­het­her they sup­port Dug­mo­re or not, but con­ce­ded that they are a­wa­re so­mething is af­oot. Dug­mo­re, who re­pre­sents the Hes­se­qua con­sti­tu­en­cy in pro­vin­ci­al par­li­a­ment, was he­ad boy at York High S­chool in 1981 and play­ed a pro­mi­nent ro­le in the End Subscrip­ti­on Cam­paign in the 1980s. He has been a mem­ber of the We­stern Ca­pe Le­gis­la­tor sin­ce 1994, with the ex­cep­ti­on of one fi­ve-y­e­ar term. His na­me has so far not been high e­nough on the ANC’s par­li­a­men­ta­ry list to ma­ke it to par­li­a­ment. In­si­ders say that he was a victim of the vi­ci­ous facti­on batt­les that ha­ve pla­gued the We­stern Ca­pe for y­e­ars.

Dug­mo­re says he is a­wa­re that his na­me has been men­ti­o­ned as a can­di­da­te for pro­vin­ci­al chai­r­per­son. “It is in­ap­pro­pri­a­te to com­ment at this sta­ge. As per ANC tra­di­ti­on, our ANC struc­tu­res led by the Pro­vin­ci­al Exe­cu­ti­ve Com­mit­tee of the We­stern Ca­pe will of­fi­ci­a­te o­ver all the­se mat­ters re­la­ting to the con­ve­ning of the Pro­vin­ci­al Ge­ne­ral Coun­cil.”

Gert Wit­booi from Ca­pe To­wn sho­wed his sup­port for Dug­mo­re on his Fa­ce­book pa­ge: “The be­st thing that the ANC can do is to e­lect Ca­me­ron Dug­mo­re as chai­r­per­son. He has been a­round for a very long ti­me; knows e­very sec­tor of the pro­vin­ce (e­du­ca­ti­on, le­gal, sport, fis­hing, etc...); knows e­very com­mu­ni­ty, from Ge­or­ge, Beau­fort West to Mit­chell’s Plain, K­haye­lit­sha to Mo­w­bray and Bis­hops Court; speaks all the of­fi­ci­al lan­gua­ges of the pro­vin­ce. He has been loy­al to the cau­se con­sis­tent­ly. He is re­spected a­mong the ma­jo­ri­ty of all facti­ons in the ANC. The fact that he is whi­te will un­der­li­ne the ANC’s com­mit­ment to non-ra­ci­a­lism.”

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