What hap­pens when you sprain your an­kle?

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A SPRAINED an­kle is the most com­mon type of soft tis­sue in­jury. The sever­ity of the sprain can de­pend on how you sprained the an­kle, and a mi­nor sprain will gen­er­ally con­sist of a stretched or only par­tially torn lig­a­ment. How­ever, more se­vere sprains can cause the lig­a­ment to tear com­pletely, or even force a piece of bone to break off.

Gen­er­ally a sprain will hap­pen when you lose bal­ance or slip, and the foot bends in­wards to­wards the other leg. This then over­stretches the lig­a­ments and causes the dam­age. Ac­tu­ally, over a quar­ter of all sport­ing in­juries are sprains of the an­kle.

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