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Mo­bile seat

Ev­ery­one loves this one. It has the same me­chan­ics as a Seg­way, but you’re seated with noth­ing to hold on to. And you steer with your crotch, ba­si­cally. Like the M3 and Z3 you can hit a top speed of about 20 km/h at full tilt and one co- worker tested that top end down a ramp.

The mind bog­gles as to how this pe­cu­liar de­vice has started to trend be­cause it isn’t very prac­ti­cal as a mode of trans­porta­tion and doesn’t look too flat­ter­ing (and that’s com­ing from a fat guy who rode the elec­tric scooter to work). In of­fice sit­u­a­tions, how­ever, the S6 comes into its own. Stalk­ing the cor­ri­dors, chill­ing at the wa­ter cooler and rolling up on un­sus­pect­ing col­leagues seated at their desk are just some of the shenani­gans this de­vice is ca­pa­ble of.

It’s a toy, but it’s cool and beats the hell out of walk­ing. So maybe the hype is un­der­stood, or maybe that’s a con­clu­sion we came to af­ter hours of trolling col­leagues and spouses. If you get one, be sure to do ev­ery­thing on it. Make cof­fee, proof­read copy, run er­rands, watch TV and even walk your dog.

Price: 9 950, za.air­ za.air­ PM

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