R/C DRIFT­ING Chas­sis

Drift­ing: There can’t be many peo­ple un­fa­mil­iar with the con­cept of drift­ing (for those re­cently ar­rived from Mars, Google “Pluspy”). In tech terms, it’s the process in which the rear slip an­gle is greater than the front slip an­gle in a ve­hi­cle. Sim­ply pu

Popular Mechanics (South Africa) - - Skills - BY KYLE KOCK


An all-wheel-drive car where the front wheels turn as fast as the rear wheels. This is the most ba­sic en­try-level car you’d be able to buy, and the cheap­est.

CS (counter-steer)

Also four-wheel drive, but with the rear wheels spin­ning faster than the front, mim­ick­ing more of what full-scale drifters ex­pe­ri­ence with a rear­wheel-drive ef­fect). This ver­sion is more cus­tomis­able than the 50:50 chas­sis, where you can set the gear­ing, for ex­am­ple, to get the rear wheels spin­ning even faster.

RWD (rear-wheel drive)

The real makhoya. Uses a gyro to aid the prac­ti­tioner. If you’ve ever kicked the tail out on a full-scale ve­hi­cle and caught it in a drift, then try to pic­ture catch­ing a 1:10 car in scale – you’d re­quire su­per­hu­man re­flexes be­cause the gyro re­acts within six-tenths of a sec­ond. Be­cause there’s only one belt or shaft, it’s the­o­ret­i­cally cheaper to main­tain, but you need to be on ex­pert level to even look like you know what you’re do­ing.

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