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1939 Selfie sticks are not a mil­len­nial in­ven­tion. They’ve been around since the late ’30s in the form of a stick, rather like a fish­ing rod, set up to be able to take pic­tures from odd an­gles and cap­ture per­fect selfies. In a per­fect il­lus­tra­tion of ne­ces­sity be­ing the mother of in­ven­tion, a pho­tog­ra­pher came up with this idea af­ter fall­ing out of a tree while at­tempt­ing to take a com­pli­cated shot.

1962 Mak­ing planes is no easy job and in the throes of the Space Race and the Cold War 1960s it seems that many unconventional ma­te­ri­als were be­ing used to gain an edge over the op­po­si­tion. Ev­ery­thing from cup­cake tins to ten­nis balls was har­nessed as part of the plane­mak­ing process. In this is­sue, our Su­per Planes fea­ture shows how far air­craft have evolved.

2001 In this is­sue we talk su­per planes, but in ’01 we looked at a gi­ant air­liner of a dif­fer­ent sort: a plane big enough to house, well… a house. With four lev­els and two decks, the air­bus A380 is to this day the largest com­mer­cial as­sen­ger air­liner. The A380 de­sign features a stand-alone bar, restau­rant and a duty-free shop.

1972 It might look ridicu­lous in to­day’s era of re­mote mon­i­tor­ing, but once upon a time us­ing the tele­phone to check your heart rate was the best in long-dis­tance med­i­cal care. Heart pa­tients would get a warn­ing of any trou­ble from an elec­tro­car­dio­gram recorder, then call up a doc­tor to lis­ten to their heart­beat via the tele­phone. PM

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