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For nearly half a cen­tury, 48 years to be ex­act, I have been du­ti­fully stand­ing in queues to re­new my an­nual ve­hi­cle li­cence discs. When I think of the time wasted stand­ing in queues and the moun­tains of pa­per­work that the mo­tor ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tion sys­tem has to chomp through, I con­clude that there must be a bet­ter way.

I think we now have a bet­ter way, tech­no­log­i­cally. Imag­ine a SIM card-driven cell­phone chip, so­lar-pow­ered, com­plete with liq­uid crys­tal dis­play, fit­ted with a ra­dio fre­quency chip anti-theft pro­tec­tor; all, in turn, fit­ted in a unit af­fixed to your wind­screen. The de­vice would be linked to ENATIS and send you a re­quest for re­newal pay­ment. A sim­ple press of a but­ton at your auto bank or In­ter­net bank­ing ter­mi­nal would ef­fect pay­ment and the li­cens­ing sys­tem would send a coded sig­nal to your li­cence disc on the car, au­to­mat­i­cally up­dat­ing the liq­uid crys­tal dis­play.

Maybe there is some­one out there who can make it hap­pen, if such a thing is not al­ready in the works? I would rush to queue for such a gad­get.

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