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In ten min­utes, you can turn an old saw blade into a place to put hot dishes with­out scar­ring your ta­ble or coun­ter­top.


one old saw blade three 6 x 20 mm hex bolts n three 6 mm wash­ers n three 6 mm nuts n three 6 mm cap­nuts


n pen­cil n cen­trex punch n drill and 8 mm twist bit n file or bench grinder n pro­trac­tor or Speed Square with de­gree mark­ings 1/ Dull the teeth of the saw blade with a file or a bench grinder. 2/ Use a pro­trac­tor to mark three lines from the cen­tre of the blade, 120 de­grees apart. 3/ Mea­sure 22 mm in from the out­side edge of the blade on each line. Mark with a cen­tre punch. 4/ Use a drill and 8 mm twist bit to make a hole at each punch. 5/ Thread a bolt through each hole. Add a washer and nut on the un­der­side of each bolt and tighten. 6/ Thread a cap­nut on the bot­tom of each bolt.

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