Start by sweep­ing out dust and par­ti­cles (you can use a leaf blower). Now scrub the floor with a broom and high-pres­sure washer, if wa­ter re­stric­tions al­low. Fi­nally, visit Mica to get a sealer suit­able for coat­ing the floor, keep­ing it look­ing pol­ished a

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PROB­LEM 4 I don’t want to get an Xtraview de­coder in­stalled, but want to watch Dstv in my bed­room and keep the de­coder in the lounge. THE FIX: you need an HDMI ex­ten­der. There are wire­less so­lu­tions and eth­er­net cable so­lu­tions, but the Dstv Now ap­pli­ca­tion has be­come very good at stream­ing live footage over con­nec­tions as slow as 2 MB/S. The caveat: you must have ac­cess to a Dstv Pre­mium ac­count that op­er­ates on an Ex­plora de­coder. If you con­nect your Ex­plora to the In­ter­net you gain ac­cess to the ex­ten­sive on­line Catchup+ li­brary and gain the abil­ity to re­motely set record­ing sched­ules or set pro­gramme re­minders via Dstv Now or the Dstv Con­nect web­site. Over the wire Have a ton of un­used speaker or alarm cable run­ning through your house? This HDMI ex­ten­der can send a trun­cated HD video sig­nal (720p) as well as the as­so­ci­ated au­dio over two-core flex ca­bling. You plug the HDMI source into the one box, con­nect your flex to the cho­co­late block con­nec­tor and plug an HDMI cable in at the other end. There’s even an in­frared (IR) re­peater you can add at each end so you sim­ply take the de­coder re­mote to bed with you. The max­i­mum range is 300 me­tres, which should be plenty. Flex is great, be­cause it can run through the gaps in your win­dow open­ings and is eas­ier to con­ceal. PROB­LEM 5: I want to play mu­sic in every room of the house, from any source, and con­trol it all from a cen­tral hub.

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