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Snapchat Sto­ries

EX­PERT: Sal­lia Gold­stein, Snapchat­ter with 30 000 views per story

STRAT­EGY: Plan what you’re go­ing to shoot. When I’m show­ing some­thing like a sci­ence ex­per­i­ment, I usu­ally run through it once to make sure it works. Get a tri­pod. You can use a dry-erase marker on your phone, lit­er­ally on the phone screen. I do a lot of stop-mo­tion, and it’s re­ally hard to make sure your face is in the same po­si­tion or the ob­ject is in the same po­si­tion as it was last time. So I’ll draw an out­line of my face or the ob­ject with a dry-erase marker so I’ll be able to take the same pic­ture again.

Good light­ing is so im­por­tant. Dark, blurry snaps are so aw­ful. Grab your­self a torch.

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