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Af­ter re­cently pur­chas­ing our home, which is quite old, my wife and I have started to do ren­o­va­tions. Dur­ing this time we have dis­cov­ered two handy tricks.

Firstly, I de­cided to clean out the de­bris in the out­side drains. Af­ter lift­ing the first grat­ing I was con­fronted by a medium-depth hole and a few de­light­ful spi­ders and in­sects. Not want­ing to get a pos­si­ble bite on the hand I scouted around for some­thing of suit­able length to clear out the mess, as the gar­den spade was too big. Scratch­ing in the garage pro­duced our pre­vi­ous dog’s pooper scooper, the kind that has a jaw that opens and closes by means of pulling on the han­dle. The drains were cleared out in good time with no dirty hands, bites or tetanus.

The sec­ond trick was fig­ured out by my wife. Af­ter each day of paint­ing, she would spend a lot of time clean­ing all the brushes and rollers in prepa­ra­tion for the fol­low­ing day’s paint­ing. To avoid the clean-ups, she merely en­sured that the brushes and rollers were still sat­u­rated in paint, placed them into zi­plock bags and squeezed the air out. The next day they were still wet and ready to go again im­me­di­ately, with­out clumps or ex­cess wa­ter to make the paint runny, as we are us­ing wa­ter-based paint.

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