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How to find the South­ern Cross

Look in the direc­tion where the sun set – that’s west. Now turn to your left to face south and you should see the dis­tinct shape of the South­ern Cross, up in the sky, clearly marked out by four bright stars at its points – the shape also looks like a kite.

How to use the South­ern Cross to find south

To find south, you’ll need to use both the South­ern Cross and its poin­ter stars nearby. Trace a line from the cen­tre point between the point­ers, and trace an­other line that ex­tends from the top of the cross out the bot­tom. Where these two imag­i­nary lines meet is the Ce­les­tial South Pole, and the spot on the hori­zon right be­low that is south.

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