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With ref­er­ence from page 42 (April 2018 is­sue), next to the pho­to­graph, ‘Of our three toi­lets, there is one prob­lem­atic 7,5-litre flusher that doesn’t op­er­ate cor­rectly with­out a com­pletely full cis­tern. Water­loo was sup­posed to be the an­swer to this prob­lem but poor de­sign im­pairs the sys­tem’s ef­fec­tive­ness.’

We’re un­sure what this ref­er­ence means. Were you re­fer­ring to your third toi­let with the prob­lem or to Water­loo that has a poor de­sign? As it stands, the gen­eral reader may eas­ily in­ter­pret this am­bigu­ous and rather con­fus­ing state­ment as Water­loo be­ing of an un­sat­is­fac­tory de­sign.

We wish to con­firm that Water­loo is a Smart Grey­wa­ter Bank that is added to your toi­let, with­out hav­ing to change the cur­rent set-up of the sys­tem. It al­lows the user to pre-fill and store grey wa­ter in con­junc­tion with the wa­ter al­ready in the toi­let’s cis­tern. This of­fers the ben­e­fit of more flush­ing events with­out hav­ing to fill the cis­tern af­ter ev­ery flush. RETIEF KRIGE Hi, Retief. Apolo­gies that this got left off of the Let­ters pages last month. I would also like to apol­o­gise for my sloppy gram­mar mak­ing your de­sign seem in­fe­rior. The prob­lem is with the toi­let cis­tern. The in­ter­nal arms of the f lush mech­a­nism run in such a way that it in­ter­feres with the Water­loo sys­tem no mat­ter how I ori­en­tate it, or which side I put the valve. It’s also one of those toi­let de­signs that re­quire a full f lush to work ef­fec­tively. It can take up to 10 litres of wa­ter at a f lush, so you can imag­ine how many bot­tles of grey wa­ter we need on standby.

I also un­for­tu­nately left the valve on the win­dowsill while try­ing to re­think the sit­u­a­tion. A gust of wind sent it tum­bling to the tiles and that was the end of my test­ing. This hap­pened prob­a­bly about a week af­ter the mag­a­zine went to bed. So yes, the toi­let de­sign is the cul­prit, the Water­loo works ex­cel­lently. – Lind­sey

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