‘Su­pe­ri­ors plot­ted to move me out’

Airforce psy­chol­o­gist chal­lenges trans­fer

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ACLINICAL psy­chol­o­gist has claimed in court pa­pers that his su­pe­rior at an airforce base had planned his trans­fer to a mil­i­tary base so that the same su­pe­rior’s wife could re­place him.

Ac­cord­ing to doc­u­ments filed in the Dur­ban High Court, Cap­tain Ja­ganathan Mood­ley is seek­ing an or­der that his trans­fer be halted.

The min­is­ter of de­fence, the sec­re­tary for de­fence and the chief of the SANDF are the re­spon­dents.

Mood­ley, rep­re­sented by Lushen Pil­lay At­tor­ney, wants to re­turn to his sick­bay post at the Dur­ban airforce base.

He is also seek­ing an or­der that Ma­jor KP Khu­malo, who re­placed him and is also the wife of his su­pe­rior, Ma­jor RT Khu­malo, be di­rected to re­turn to the mil­i­tary base.

The court has not sanc­tioned the or­der. In­stead it or­dered the re­spon­dents to file their an­swer­ing af­fi­davits by Septem­ber 18. That had ap­par­ently not been done at the time of pub­li­ca­tion.

The mat­ter was back on the roll on Mon­day and was ad­journed to Oc­to­ber.

Ac­cord­ing to court pa­pers, the author­i­ties have un­til to­day (Wed­nes­day) to ei­ther ter­mi­nate or re­new Mood­ley’s sec­ond ser­vice con­tract of three years. The con­tract ex­pires to­day.

Mood­ley claimed in court pa­pers that he was not con­sulted about his switch from the sick­bay to the mil­i­tary base and re­place­ment by Khu­malo.

He said he had been in­volved in an “al­ter­ca­tion” with a Cap­tain N Nda­wonde be­fore the trans­fer, but that it had been blown out of pro­por­tion.

Mood­ley said his su­pe­rior and other se­nior mem­bers of the airforce and the de­fence force had be­lieved Nda­wonde’s ver­sion that he (Mood­ley) had as­saulted him, and had re­jected his ex­pla­na­tion that Nda­wonde had fab­ri­cated his ver­sion.

“I did not as­sault Nda­wonde. There was only a ver­bal al­ter­ca­tion be­tween him and me. It hap­pened af­ter Nda­wonde ac­cused me of dis­ap­pear­ing from work. Af­ter he told me so, I told him that he of­ten dis­ap­peared. I then went into his of­fice and signed the move­ment register, which records the move­ments of of­fi­cers,” claimed Mood­ley.

He said he later re­ceived a call from his su­pe­rior who had in­ti­mated that he had as­saulted Nda­wonde.

“Khu­malo said Nda­wonde had in­formed him that I had jabbed his fore­head with my fin­ger. I told Khu­malo that the al­ter­ca­tion did not hap­pen that way and that if he de­sired I would see him in his of­fice. The meet­ing with Khu­malo did not take place. I sub­se­quently re­ceived a let­ter that I was trans­ferred from the sick­bay base to the Bluff base. The let­ter was signed by Lt Colonel JD Horn who was act­ing in the ab­sence of Colonel GT Pil­lay, the com­mand­ing of­fi­cer.”

Mood­ley said he was shocked to learn that Khu­malo’s wife had also been trans­ferred.

“Horn’s let­ter stated that I was trans­ferred to the Bluff base be­cause my su­pe­rior (RT Khu­malo) was on leave. That dif­fered sub­stan­tially from Khu­malo’s ver­sion, which al­luded to the false claim that I had as­saulted Nda­wonde.

“I felt ag­grieved. I was not given an op­por­tu­nity to re­spond. Fur­ther, Nda­wonde’s com­plaint against me was never in­ves­ti­gated.”

He said Khu­malo had also ap­proached the Health Pro­fes­sions Coun­cil of South Africa and that the coun­cil had dis­missed the com­plaint that he had acted un­pro­fes­sion­ally.

“It is clear that Khu­malo wants me out of the airforce and the de­fence force. That is be­cause I have lev­elled a com­plaint of nepo­tism against him af­ter he had his wife trans­ferred to the sick bay base from the Bluff base. He also at­tacked my pro­fes­sional com­pe­tence in a let­ter sent to var­i­ous se­nior of­fi­cials.

“Khu­malo stated that he could not com­ment about the al­ter­ca­tion I had with Nda­wonde be­cause the mat­ter was sub ju­dice.

“How can it be sub ju­dice when he only took Nda­wonde’s ver­sion into ac­count? I am of the view that he used the al­ter­ca­tion as a ploy to have his wife trans­ferred to the sick bay base,” he said.

Ac­cord­ing to Mood­ley, the stance taken by his su­pe­rior was not in line with reg­u­la­tion 8 of the griev­ance pro­ce­dure.

“The reg­u­la­tion states that a mem­ber who has lodged a griev­ance should not be vic­timised di­rectly or in­di­rectly.”

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