Peace, the ul­ti­mate win­ner in France

Post - - News - One Evening in Ver­sailles, France

Along the banks of the MARINARESCO, the CON­GLOM­ER­ATE of na­tions had as­sem­bled.

The FRENCH NAVY un­der Gen­eral BLACK ARTHUR marched for­ward along the pe­riph­ery of the SAFE HAR­BOUR.

Only flashes of hope and light were vis­i­ble on the HORI­ZON.

It seems that the sight of dark­ness and smell of death at TILBURY FORT were some­thing of the past. It was time to move for­ward. The gath­er­ing was en­ter­tained by the NIGHTIN­GALE and SARATOGA DANCER; there was mo­men­tary si­lence, fol­lowed by the TEN GUN SA­LUTE or­ches­trated by the ELU­SIVE SILVA and his men in blue uni­form. The aroma of the KRAM­BAM­BULI cock­tails, cou­pled with the smell of the NEBULA gas and dust emit­ted from the can­nons, cre­ated a sense of na­tional pride or BRAZUCA. There was still more to come. The fes­tiv­i­ties con­tin­ued un­til AL SA­HEM, the deputy in charge, ad­dressed the gath­er­ing.

He spoke of the cal­lous­ness of the en­emy, who was de­feated by the MAS­TER SABINA, the or­gan­ised al­lied force.

All of­fer­ings of peace made at the PAGODA tem­ple were trans­formed into re­al­ity.

The to­ken of vic­tory was handed over by MR WIN­SOME, the com­man­dant of the win­ning sec­tor.

The deputy called for my at­ten­tion.

“IT’S MY TURN,” I whis­pered to the com­man­dant.

I car­ried the EDICT OF NANTES to the podium.

Vic­tory tri­umphed over evil – Peace was hon­oured!

All The Best To All Punters!


Re­sevoir Hills

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