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PLAC­ARDS and white crosses em­bla­zoned with the words “speed kills” and “drive like your kids live here” are stuck on trees and into the ground along a stretch of road on Sparks Road in Over­port which is no­to­ri­ous for street rac­ing and speed­ing.

The res­i­dents who put up the plac­ards and crosses had reached break­ing point af­ter a child was re­cently knocked down by a speed­ing mo­torist.

The chair­per­son of the com­mu­nity polic­ing fo­rum, Satish Dhu­pelia, said street rac­ing and motorists driv­ing at ex­ces­sive speeds were an on­go­ing prob­lem.

“From 11pm to 2pm from Fri­day un­til Satur­day, we hear cars rac­ing up and down the road. There are no spec­ta­tors just rac­ers. When we call Metro, the rac­ers drive off and are hard to catch,” he said.

Dhu­pelia has at­tempted to pho­to­graph the il­le­gal rac­ers or take down the ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tion num­bers but this posed a chal­lenge.

“De­spite us­ing a flash, it’s still too dark and I can­not see the num­ber plate. At the speed they are driv­ing, it is al­most im­pos­si­ble to write the num­ber plate down.”

Dhu­pelia, a res­i­dent in the area for about 16 years, said there have been a num­ber of ac­ci­dents on the road.

“About five res­i­dents have had ve­hi­cles crash onto their prop­er­ties, in the process de­stroy­ing their fences.

“We have asked the city to add speed humps as a de­ter­rent but were told it could not be done as this was a main road.”

In Fe­bru­ary, dur­ing the early hours of the morn­ing, res­i­dent Dar­ren Ward, 33, and his mother, Col­lette, were wo­ken by the sound of a ve­hi­cle crash­ing into their con­crete wall.

“I jumped out of bed, ran out­side and saw three young­sters in a car in my yard. The pas­sen­ger died and the other two were se­ri­ously in­jured. Rac­ing and speed­ing on Sparks Road is a prob­lem. We have had ac­ci­dents where mod­i­fied cars were found wrapped around trees. If you are com­ing home late at night, it is to­tally un­safe to drive here.”

Res­i­dent Dar­ren Ward is con­cerned about the com­mu­nity’s safety.

The chair­man of the Com­mu­nity Polic­ing Fo­rum, Satish Dhu­pelia, points at a plac­ard warn­ing motorists against speed­ing.

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