Drug deal­ers are killing our kids

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TO ALL the moth­ers or fa­thers and fam­i­lies, I am sure you all feel happy when one hears of the drug deal­ers be­ing caught. But then I won­der :

1. What hap­pens to the drug deal­ers af­ter they are caught, and why are they re­leased so soon?

2. What hap­pens to all the drugs found? 3. Who de­stroys it? Thank you to the good, hon­est, hard work­ing po­lice, the peo­ple who help and sup­port fam­i­lies with drug prob­lems, but it seems it all is in vain.

Drugs are on the streets, sold to our chil­dren; our chil­dren be­come abu­sive, de­stroy their homes, kill their par­ents, steal and be­come crim­i­nals.

Drugs deal­ers be­come rich, and when they get caught, pay their fines and are back on the streets.

Phys­i­ol­o­gists, psy­chi­a­trists, re­hab cen­tres, re­li­gious lead­ers, doc­tors, par­ents, fam­i­lies and teach­ers spend their time, ef­fort, monies, prayers, but when our chil­dren are back with fam­i­lies and schools, it hap­pens again be­cause the deal­ers are worse than the devil, they con­trol the com­mu­nity, our lives.

Where else can we turn to? The good po­lice of­fi­cer tries, the crooked po­lice of­fi­cer is just out there to make the money and turn a blind eye and our gov­ern­ment is too busy wor­ry­ing about things that have no rel­e­vance.

Please, please stop it at the source.

To our gov­ern­ment, law, po­lice, lead­ers – re­mem­ber the drug deal­ers, crooked cops are mur­der­ers –they are killing our chil­dren, they should be given the death sen­tence.

Our schools must be cleaned up first – so we can en­joy the right to safe ed­u­ca­tion. The deal­ers, run­ners must be stopped at all costs. What can we as par­ents do?

We as par­ents would, I am sure, be happy to be part of the school to stop this drug abuse at schools.

I humbly ask our po­lice, does hav­ing this ex­tra money (bribes) at the ex­pense of the death of our chil­dren, make you happy?

Our gov­ern­ment: What is our fu­ture with­out sta­ble kids, while the drug deal­ers con­trol our fu­tures?

Please clean up our coun­try.



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