Les­son in self­less­ness

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SEV­ERAL news­pa­pers have high­lighted the good deed of re­tired Port Shep­stone Mus­lim busi­ness­man, Sule­man Bux, look­ing af­ter young Ray­mond Zondo’s fam­ily while he went away to univer­sity to study in the hope of se­cur­ing a bet­ter fu­ture for his fam­ily.

Bux, who owned a su­per­mar­ket, gave them a monthly ham­per of gro­ceries. Zondo promised to re­pay him one day. To­day, Zondo is South Africa’s Deputy Chief Jus­tice and no perch was too high for him to re­mem­ber his prom­ise.

When he tracked Bux down, his re­cip­ro­cal pe­cu­niary mea­sure was humbly de­clined by the bearded bene­fac­tor who said, “He did what he had to do”, and hoped Zondo will do the same unto oth­ers.

There are many Mus­lims like Bux around the world but they are still os­tracised and por­trayed as basilisks be­cause of the ac­tions of oth­ers. We need to move away from such brand­ing. The Holy Qur’an is full with scrip­tures about com­pas­sion and giv­ing to the needy. Bux is the epit­omé of such teach­ings, putting them into prac­tice.

Let the un­flinch­ing self­less­ness of this servile in­di­vid­ual be a les­son to all who hate and hoard. His is a heart of giv­ing, with­out tak­ing back – the height of ser­vice to hu­man­ity. Let it be an eye­opener to the Spar­rows, Kriels and Slades of this world whose ac­tions man­i­fest in ha­tred. KEVIN GOVENDER


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